Crocus Blooms Just in Time to Announce the CraftyPod Podcast 2.0 Winner!

Crocus - first one this year!

Spring is springing into action in the garden!

Crocus and Hellebore are open and the sun is shining. Guess where I am spending the afternoon!

Hopefully the winner of the Craftypod Podcast giveaway will be enjoying the afternoon crafting and listening to her five favorite pod casts.

And the winner is: Meg at Mega Crafty!

Congratulations Meg!

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Crocus! THAT's what it

THAT's what it is!

Congrats to Meg!

Wow thanks so much Pam! I

Wow thanks so much Pam! I just love Diane's podcasts and can't wait to get listening!

And gorgeous photo. Nothing blooming here yet so it's nice to see that spring it happening and it will be over on this coast before long. The tulips did start to come up a few weeks ago but right now they are still covered with the snow that fell last week.