Writing in the Rain!


Rite in the Rain notebook! This is so cool I had to come back a day earlier than planned so I could share!

Remember this post? The one where I share how I plan my blog posts for the whole year?

Well Diane shares a link to this post as a part of one of the lessons in her Craft Blog Tune-Up Class. And after reading said post - especially the part about how my best ideas come to me while I am in the shower and can not write them down - Annette (by Annette) sent me this rockin' little notebook!


And it works! It really works!

When a solution for a project I am working on right now hit me out of the blue - in the shower - I was prepared!

I grabbed the notebook and pencil which were waiting for me on a small table next to my shower; and standing under a lovely hot spray of droplets, I made my notes!

And you know what! The lead pencil transfered perfectly onto the paper. No smears! No tears! No skipping! And get this - the next sheet in the pad - not even damp!!! I could not believe it!  Not even a little bit damp!

When I got out I blotted the notebook page with a towel but I doubt it was really necessary.

You all KNOW what a regular notebook would look like if you took it into the shower. But this one - just as pretty as it was when I first opened it!

Annette! Thank you! This is going to be the perfect solution for capturing those brilliant ideas and thoughts that pick an inconvenient time to bubble up!

Now none of us has a good excuse for not always having a notebook close at hand for capturing our brilliant ideas no matter what we are doing - hiking, canoeing, swimming, skiing, scuba diving, cat fish catching, water skiing, exploring the Amazon... or taking a shower!

Here again is the web site for Rite in the Rain.

Wow. This is really


This is really amazing.


This is seriously brillant!

This is seriously brillant! :-D I now absolutely have to get one.
Thank you so much for sharing this "problem solver", Pam. I'm sure it's going to make wonders for our creative minds.

Haha, I LOVE it!!! And I

Haha, I LOVE it!!! And I love notebooks in general. Your solution is rather more elegant than mine...which is hopping out of the shower and writing with old lipstick on the mirror before I forget. I know, great visual. :P I save the idea, but then have to clean the mirror and floor (which, in truth, probably need it.)

You know, I still remember the first time I heard that podcast. Funny, huh? It was a revelation to me. Your podcasts with Diane remain some of my faves.

That. Is. So. Cool. Lol and I

That. Is. So. Cool. Lol and I just love that you are now so organized you are prepared for the lighting strike ideas you get in the shower. Too funny!

*LAUGHING* - I just adore

*LAUGHING* - I just adore this post. It just sums up who you are to a "T," bursting with ideas all the time, so much so that you have to jot them down in the shower. You're a serious inspiration, Pam!

How Awesome! And now am

How Awesome!

And now am wondering what said project is???