Thank You One and All! Tenerife I Believe!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You have all been so helpful and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!

I have spent the last two hours with your links and beyond - like that very dangerous mine field called google images!

So much learning going on I need a mind break! But before I go there - I just had to share a few links some of you may find interesting! (My poor daughter, I have been bombarding her all morning with links! Good thing she loves her mother so much!)

So! Enjoy!

First be sure to visit the many links offered on the previous post by my lovely readers who left comments.  I can't believe how much time and effort so many people have put into trying to assist me.

(At time of posting Christina's link was having hiccups but now it is fixed.)  So that you don't have to go back, here is the link Christina sent for the Museum in Portugal.  You will want to visit!  Beautiful pottery and embroidery and needlework.

Added after posting: Thanks to Avital, I have just learned that Terneriffe is the ancestor of flower looms!  Did you know that? Be sure to follow her links in the last post - especially to the image on flickr of her first Terneriffe!

And here are a few really great links I found while wandering. You will want to visit!

How to Make a Spider Loom on Craftzine

Jenny's Australian Needleart Journey

Les 3 B du Patch - written in French but there is a link to a PDF - a fabulous PDF which includes detailed instructions for making Tenerife - in English!

Flickriver: knittingand's most interesting photos - so much eye candy my mind explodes!  Great inspiration here for Tenerife being constructed on a Japanese Koppo Pillow as well as lots of images of flower designs created on flower looms!

Lace on 50 First Crafts - be sure to follow all the links provided!

Wychbury:Vintage Goodness, Inspiration and Free Stuff.  See how beautiful her Tenerife looks on the loom

Polka Spider Web Looms

And this fabulous google image page shared in comments by Diane Roeder.

Added after posting from a reader who receives GBSN by e-mail:  Tips on cleaning and caring for lace.  Care of Fine Vintage and Antique Linen  and another one How to Care for Antique Linens, Quilts and Doilies.

I'm definitely going to have to come up with something to make!

How about you?

Wow such great information.

Wow such great information. I'm amazed by what I've learned about lace just from reading the comments and visiting some of the links!



WOW!!!!! Amazing

WOW!!!!! Amazing information! And a totally amazing rabbit trail - I'm trying to pull myself out now. Thanks for a totally amazing link round up!

Pam, can you Believe This?!

Pam, can you Believe This?! This is So interesting. There are so many arcane bits of history and knowledge in the the DIY archives.

These are beautiful. How nice to have them!