Spring, Easter and Recycle/Re-use Tutorial Guide


Easter is on the way!

Spring is right around the corner.

And it seems recycle and re-use get a good adrenalin boost this time of year!

I have been told that it won't be too long now and there will be a search bar on my blog! But until that happens, here is what I hope will be a helpful guide to Easter, Spring and Recycle Tutorials that have appeared on Gingerbread Snowflakes in the past three years.



Picture 8

Striped Japanese Inspired Easter Eggs

Japanese Inspired Temari Eggs

Japanese Thread Wrapped Eggs


Faux Pysansky eggs using sharpies!


Picture 10

Easter Eggs colored using Kool-aid

Mosaic Egg created using "recycled" colored egg shells

Use strong solution of food coloring to make marbled eggs



Picture 9

How to make a punched tin butterfly

How to embellish punched tin butterflies

Punched tin creatures


Saori Weaving on a Cardboard Loom


Napkin cuffs created using layered tooling foil

And Mini Photo Frames from tooling foil can be found in this post. (They could be easily made from aluminum pie tins)


Rain Painting




Old Books Become Wall Storage Folders - great for storing every bit of paper from school art to loose recipes to junk mail waiting for a new life.


Make a little magic with Mod Podge and Food Coloring

Picture 12

Tin Can Recycling!

Photo Frame (mine is based on frames made in New Mexico in the 1800's)

Candle holders using tuna cans

Candle Sconce (based on sconces made in New Mexico during the 1800's)


Recycled Oatmeal Cannister becomes beautiful storage cannister with a bit of paper weaving

As always, if you have any questions using one of my tutorials, please send me an e-mail.  I am always happy to help.


It does seem like Spring is a

It does seem like Spring is a time to reuse and recycle. Love that a search bar is coming soon :)

Thanks for reposting theses

Thanks for reposting theses tutorials, Pam. :-D I remember most of them when I saw them for the first time... it makes me want to craft all over again! :-)

Happy Spring Equinox!

Dear Pam; I can't believe I

Dear Pam;

I can't believe I missed that oatmeal canister. And do you know that I may have time after artfest to come home and make eggs this year?! Or maybe a wreath made out of something Eastery?!

I've made commitments through March, but after that... I'm making whatever I want!!

Let's swap something!

(I can't crochet, knit, sew, make candles, weave, macrame, felt, make dolls, or throw pottery. Other than that, anything goes!!)

(or, encaustic.)

(I can't wire lamps, either.)

Okay, let's just swap emails.

Hooray for the upcoming

Hooray for the upcoming Search!

Although what I have been wanting to search for is in this post! Saori Weaving on a Cardboard Loom

I have always wanted a loom and would like to try it soon

Thanks Pam

Holy moly, Pam!! That's an

Holy moly, Pam!! That's an amazing list!! I want that napkin ring cuff - but for my arm. :) I may have to try that sometime.

And the old book as wall folder - LOVE that!!

And the faux Pysansky eggs!! I don't know if I have time for any of these at the moment, but totally going into my brain file. ;)

You already have a book.

Wow. It's incredible to see

Wow. It's incredible to see all of your spring tutorials put together like that! What a beautiful body of work.