Beautiful Treasures From Two Lovely Bead Artists

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More crafty love to share with all of you! Beautiful treasures to enrich my life from two very talented bead artists with very different styles!


Earrings from the Woodland Spice Collection by Erin Fickert-Rowland!

Take a minute to view all the amazing necklaces and earrings Erin has created in this collection and notice that the "All Spiced Up Earrings" are no longer available! That is because Erin wished to gift me a pair of her earrings and asked my sweet daughter Diane to make the selection! Diane selected "All Spiced Up"!


I love my new "All Spiced Up" earrings! The Woodland Spice Collection, as you already know, is my favorite because I love how Erin has so beautifully used the fall color palette in the collection.

But there are pieces in the other three collections Amethyst Garden, and Boho Beach, and Urban Prairie that take my breath away. And a little FYI - at the time of this post, the Boho Beach Collection is marked as 50% off!

And while I have Erin on my mind, I wanted to remind you that she has added a new a la carte shop where you can purchase unique, one of a kind jewelry components and beads.

I am valiantly resisting the dabbler urge to play with beads again, but I am thinking that almost any of the beads in the new shop would be a beautiful addition to fiber art projects.


Beautiful isn't she? Her designer, Velia, named her Earth Maiden because the fabric reminds her of water, rocks, mountains, sky, pastures - earth!

So of course Earth Maiden is perfect for me - lover of the earth that I am.

Earth Maiden was created by a lovely friend I have met through this very blog, Velia. Although she is not currently blogging, she follows several blogs online - Gingerbread Snowflakes is among them!

And when Velia won the Yarnia Giveaway in January she decided to complete this sweet little WIP as a thank you!


Earth Maiden has been embellished with bugle, seed and pearl beads, acrylic flowers, ribbon flowers and beautiful embroidery.


Front, back and sides - all beautifully embellished!


And that sweet, delicate little face, which is only 1" across, Velia fashioned from Polymer clay!!! I am in awe of Velia's skill - the features are so delicately formed and painted. Faces are all important to me when it comes to dolls and Santa figurines -and this one is perfect.

Velia has sold many of these lovely beaded dolls and usually installs them on a stand; but not wanting me to be restricted in how the doll could be displayed, she sent the doll with instructions for making a simple stand if I wished.

I am grateful for her insight because most likely at Christmas, this beautiful little doll will be given a very prominent spot on the tree!

For now, Earth Maiden has joined a couple very special angels and Guadalupe statues on my little altar.

If you would like to commission Velia to make you your very own beaded doll your may write her at:

I am so humbled and overwhelmed by the generosity, and kindness so many of you have extended to me over the years I have been writing Gingerbread Snowflakes.

I have no idea what I have done to deserve so much love, but I am deeply grateful.

You have been yourself!

You have been yourself! That's what you've done.

Tomorrow is the Equinox, and I have done nothing to celebrate it!

I am decorating pink postcards for giving away at Artfest, but they are not ready for the blog yet! So, I am just have to love the Equinox selfishly, without sharing! Except I will be thinking of you, and your holiday love and your generous spirit!


Wow - your little Earth

Wow - your little Earth Maiden is blowing me away! The intricacy of the beading and the embroidery and the face! Oh my! What a talented, talented friend you have.

As for your closing statement - you spend much of your time putting your love and good energy out into the world - that's what you've done to deserve such generosity. When a person does that, it's only a matter of time before it boomerangs back to them. xo

Wow! I love that beaded doll!

Wow! I love that beaded doll! I am always amazed at how uniquely creative people are! What a treasured gift! And thank you so very much for sharing my gift to you- I am THRILLED you enjoy them!

Beautiful bead work! Earth

Beautiful bead work! Earth Maiden is stunning! I've been wanting to dabble with beads again and trying to avoid starting more projects and you're just not helping lol.

I like the flowers

I like the flowers embroidered on her side. And I always like Erin's jewelry - so much texture.

Both the these bead projects

Both the these bead projects are beautiful. Such talented and amazing artists!