Oh Spring, Where Art Thou?


Spring Equinox? 


These are the only two spring like things happening in my garden right now! And I had to bring the plum blossoms inside to force them to open for today and place the pots of primroses we have saved from last year on the balcony rail to keep ravenous slugs from decimating them!

To cheer myself up and to celebrate Spring Equinox, I visited my favorite nursery and selected beautiful pansies to be transplanted into the flower boxes - WHEN IT STOPS RAINING AND SNOWING!


Like so many of you, we are having very un-spring-like weather around here!

However - all is not lost! Being unable to play in the garden has given me more time to play at the craft table so I have just completed two very fun Easter related crafts which I can not wait to share with you. So don't be gone too long. I will be back this very afternoon with the first one!

Love these photos, pink and

Love these photos, pink and beautiful. You could share more of your photos Pam, they make me happy! :-)

Take care!

Let me know if you find her.

Let me know if you find her. We woke up to snow this morning, too. Sigh...

Gorgeous photos! We are

Gorgeous photos! We are usually the ones with the snow. We've been having record-breaking temps in the 80s. Bizarre and wonderful.