Pysanski Tangle Easter Eggs? Zentangle Inspired Pysanski Eggs? Pysangle Easter Eggs!


Combining Pysanski with Zentangle inspired designs! I loved the idea! Wish it had been mine! But not my idea.

My friend Nancy Kelly suggested that I combine my "Sharpie Faux Pysansky Egg" decorating technique with a few Zentangle inspired doodles! I loved her idea at once! THANK YOU NANCY.


Of course this meant I would be blowing out more eggs - not exactly my favorite task - but I will tell you that I am getting much better at it!!

Fair warning! These are my prototypes so you get to see the good, the bad and the almost ugly results - as well as all my imperfections and a little side trip off the path to visit another idea that popped up while I was tangling! But - as most of you know by now, I am here to inspire and teach. And perfection is not the end game!

You may remember that my Faux Pysanski eggs were created on brown eggs to sort of imply the overall dyed effect of Pysanski. However, since filling in the colorful areas with black ink darkens the designs considerably, I decided to try white eggs as well.

Actually I wasn't expecting to like the white eggs - white and black eggs don't work for me. But with the addition of color - well - I find I prefer the white eggs!


There is really no big secret technique to reveal! Anyone armed with a set of Sharpies, a led pencil and a few blown out eggs can do this.

Here is a link to a site that provides lots of Pysanski designs for you to play with. When I provided this link last year, I was not aware that you can click through and see the design being drawn step by step! You may find this feature helpful.

And here are links to places where you might find some Zentangle design inspiration: 1. Zentangle- Zentangle: 2. TeriC Flickr page of her amazing Zentangles: 3. Zentangle Harmony site; and last but not least 4. Flickr home for Tangle Harmony 2012 Tangle Journal - don't miss seeing what these artists are doing with the templates. Worth a trip! Really!

Added after post date:   Suzanne from TinkeredArt left a comment this morning. ( I had lost her in my big lost reader fiasco last summer.)  Here is a link to her wonderful blog for more Zentangle inspiration - TinkeredArt.  And on her side bar you will find another great resource:  TanglePatterns

Important note: Since I was planning to add the tangle designs, I tried to keep my Pysanski designs fairly simple. (You can see in the case of the blue/green egg just how mucked up things can get if too many Pysanski designs are employed.)


Before drawing your designs, you might want to refer to the "ole rubber band trick" in the Faux Pysanski post for the technique for dividing an egg into sections - you can see my lines faintly in the image above.

Once the sections are in place and your design is drawn on the egg surface with a pencil, use Sharpies to color in the design elements. The ink will probably not go on perfectly, but this isn't a huge problem - especially once the tangles are added.

I did notice that I could go over the colored area again if I wished for more intensity but it is almost impossible to get the color completely smooth and even.


Once the color is applied, outline the colored areas with a black sharpie and begin tangling to your heart's content!




I learned a couple tricks! It is easier to make a dotted line straight than it is a solid line straight!

And I learned when I did attempt a solid line, I could cover most errors, wiggles or stray lines by adding a little border of some kind!

Below - the front and sides of the other eggs in the basket.

Note: The last egg is a bit of a departure from the theme! I was working on the Concho Easter Cross at the same time and must have had a little crossover inspiration going on! All I can say about the experience of the brown and turquoise egg is that imperfect as it is, making it increased my respect for the skills of American Indian silversmiths and pottery makers 1,000 fold.

And it is a lovely and welcome reminder of home on my Easter tree.

So - without further adieu - or words - the rest of the story!







I hope something here will get your own muses fired up!I would love to see what you come up with!

You might also like to try this same technique on gourds.  You will find a complete "how-to" here

I love the patterns you did.

I love the patterns you did. My Dad showed my kids how to blow out eggs one of the times he came to visit. The kids are on spring break this week and I know my Mom has a full set of sharpie's we can use! If we do this, I'll be sure to share on the blog. :)

These are absolutely

These are absolutely wonderful! I LOVE them!!!!

Beautiful eggs! I like the

Beautiful eggs! I like the idea one commentor had about decorating wooden eggs.

Do you use one of those tools to help blow out the eggs or do you do it the old fashioned way?

wooow you're sooooo smart , i

wooow you're sooooo smart , i love how they are showing, woooow and so easy on this way, okay you're talented.LOL
it's much work though i think but they are very beautiful cool and well designd
thank you very much for showing the trick and the inspiration;-D

These are very beautiful,

These are very beautiful, Pam! Bravo!

Pam, your eggs came out

Pam, your eggs came out wonderfully! I love the white ones - the colors are more vivid, good choice. nancy

Thank you so much Nancy!  I

Thank you so much Nancy!  I am glad you like my pysanski/zentangel eggs - and I especialy thank you for giving me the idea!

I am anxious to make more now that I have had a little chance to practice!

Don't forget you promised to send me pictures of your own pysanski eggs you are making this year.

P A M !! I can't stand it!


I can't stand it! I'm making these. I'm not blowing them out, though; I'm just going to boil eggs and color them. Then take lots of photos. I can't have one more thing to save in this house or I'll be sent packing!

This is so pretty and so inspiring. We are leaving for Artfest on Wed. and I have to try to finish up other works before that, but I'm very tempted to take zentangled eggs with me! Maybe I will blow them out. Oh, decisions!

I have some wooden eggs... I could gesso those up and then do those!

You are very close to Artfest. Please come to Port Townsend some time btw March 28 and April 1 and look for me. I will be the one with a punched tin butterfly in my hair.


Just wanted to be sure that

Just wanted to be sure that you don't EAT any eggs you color with a Sharpie!  Egg shells are porus and I do not believe Sharpies ink is edible!!


Just in case some should leak through - avoid eating!  That is why I use blown out eggs.  Besides - i want to keep them forever!

Pam~ Very pretty Nice

Very pretty
Nice combination of techniques

I thought of you when I saw this new Vera Bradley pattern. It has a Zentangle look to it.

You are right Annette!  The

You are right Annette!  The designs used in the petals of the flowers making up this fabric design do resemble tangles!  Very sweet fabric.

Lovely Eggs! I have a

Lovely Eggs! I have a question for you. Did you use any fixative or shellac of some sort on your sharpie eggs? Once I tried to spray a clear coat of acrylic on my eggs and instead of it leaving a nice finish, it smeared my design right off the egg! :( So now I am wondering how to make them shiny and protect the design next time. So far, I've not found anyone who has done this with some success.

Good question Judy!  I do not

Good question Judy!  I do not know the answer!  But I have some egg shells I am saving for  mosaic eggs and I will go test this out right now!

I have never sprayed my eggs. Will be back with results!

OK I am back!  Judy, my test

OK I am back!  Judy, my test "egg" did not run at all.  In fact I am quite loving the lovely sheen and may seal all of my eggs in this way.

To be clear - my designs are applied with a Shaprie permanent marker.  I have NOT used pysansky dyes or any other dye and I can not speak to how they would react to being sprayed.

I used a fairly inexpensive but so far very reliable acrylic spray available at Michaels stores - Americana Acrylic Sealer/Finisher Gloss made by DecoArt.

Thanks so much! I just

Thanks so much! I just purchased a set of permanent markers and am ready to try some designs on blown-out eggs. I made a note of the acrylic sealer and will give it a try. :) I've been jealous of pysanky eggs forever and now I can make some pretty eggs too without all the fuss.

Love the eggs - wish I were

Love the eggs - wish I were better at blowing out eggs but I'll just have to admire these lovelies!

Your eggs turned out so happy

Your eggs turned out so happy and colorful, Pam! I'm loving all of them, especially the brown egg with purples! So much fun! Thanks for sharing your pretty pictures with us!
Big hugs,

Gorgeous eggs! I love the way

Gorgeous eggs! I love the way you combined the colour and the tangles.


FANTASTIC EGGS Pam!!!!!! You are such an inspiration to everyone.

Big hugs

Ps, thanks fornthe shout out.