Mission Impossible Update!


A few days ago I received an e-mail from Maureen - winner of the Colour &Stitches giveaway in January - asking me how I was progressing with my crochet!

So I thought perhaps I should bring all of you up to date!

Can you tell - I just can't get enough?

Another session with Diane in May to figure out how to finish them off! But I would say I have come a long way since January - at which time I firmly believed I could NOT learn to crochet!

FYI! Those are magic rings in the centers of each little half sphere. And if you have never started your work using a magic ring, now is the time to give it a try because there is a brand new beautiful video from PlanetJune - right here - showing exactly how to make one!

And in case you missed it - the pattern can be found here on ATERGcrochet.

Will keep you posted on further developments!

Absolutely gorgeous - I MUST

Absolutely gorgeous - I MUST learn to crochet! :)

You've been very busy

You've been very busy crocheting! Your little spheres look great and they are a nice way to use up little bits of leftover yarn. I've been feeling fiber fever lately. I crocheted a baby blanket and knit a second baby blanket. Plus, I have crocheted 3 hats. We have 3 babies coming into the family later this year so I decided to make a few little gifts.

HAHAHA! Oh, you are kicking

HAHAHA! Oh, you are kicking my butt so hard. I haven't even finished the one I was working on when we spent our crochet day together! I really need to get hooking!

*__* Brava!!! Well done!!!

*__* Brava!!! Well done!!!