Easter Link Eye Candy


Easter Eye Candy? Absolutely! Just sharing a few favorites from my bookmarks.

A few free tutorials, and really awesome offerings from shops - ALL beautiful eye candy guaranteed to put you in the mood for Easter!

And just so you know, you are seeing these lovely images thanks to the generosity of the artists - all of whom have given permission for me to share them with you.


Image by Marie - That's Woolly Something

Bet you fell in love with these as fast as I did! The minute I spied them on Marie's blog That's Wooly Something, I headed over to the That's Woolly Something shop to see if they were available! I just ordered this pattern - AND - couldn't help myself - this one - little baby felted snowmen!


Image by Cynthia - The Fairies Nest

Cynthia's beautiful bunnies have all been sold, but your eyes can still enjoy them on the Fairies Nest! I have been following this blog and visiting the Fairies Nest Etsy shop and galleries since almost the first day I ventured into internet space and one day one of her dolls will be mine!


Image by Jenaissance Designs

Can't help but smile - can you? Jen is thinking of opening another Etsy shop just for her crochet items and patterns, including amigurumi. I vote for patterns for each of these bunnies.

Her embroidery patterns, available here in her Sew Jenaissance Etsy shop, will be a part of the next giveaway. That's all I am sayin'!


Image by Abby Glassenberg - While She Naps

Abby shares the tutorial for making these beautiful felt tulips right here! They are easy to make and perfect for welcoming Easter. And if you pop over to visit her pattern shop you will find an adorable octopus, a rubber duckie and a gold fish!

Abby is putting the finishing touches on her new book which I undertstand is designed to teach us all the ins and outs of making soft toys. I am definitely going to be first in line when that book arrives in book stores!

2012-03-04 020 (Large)

Image by Fiona - Marmalade Rose

Be still my heart! I just recently discovered Marmalade Rose and it was love at first sight! If you spend a little time wandering around her blog and her shops at Etsy and Folksy , I imagine you will understand immediately why! Fiona creates absolute magic with vintage linens, laces and embroidery floss! Absolute magic. 

Don't you love these embroidered bunnies to pieces?

2012-02-24 012 (Large)

Image by Fiona - Marmalade Rose

And this collection of chubby hens! Read the post! Delightful story about her real life hens.


Punched tin fuchsia prototype - still a prototype! 

  A few more Eastery links!

Looking for a good Easter Bread? Try this Portuguese Easter Bread  on Natasha's Kitchen!

Beautiful crocheted Easter egg patterns can be found at ATERGcrochet. I just ordered both patterns!

And just take a minute to see Linda's crocheted bunny and read the good news she is sharing here on Lindamade!

Donni has shared another unique idea for dying eggs on the Magic Onions! Using silk ties! While you are there, pop over to the Fairy Folk shop - there are still adorable felted bunnies hiding in woolen eggs waiting for a home! Don't miss them - they are too cute for words. Just smiles!

Little Cotton Rabbits shares this beautiful tutorial for knitting Easter Eggs.  Grab your needles and bits of leftover yarns - you will have a basketfull in no time at all!

Amigurumi bunnies, ducks and eggs abound in PlanetJune's crochet pattern store

And just look at this beautiful Easter Tree I spotted on Pickles!  Beautiful, simple colorful  felted Easter eggs hanging from a few bare branches in a vase.  Perfect!

I hope you have found a little Easter cheer among these links! I haven't stopped smiling since I began writing the post!

I LOVE Easter Egg art right

I LOVE Easter Egg art right now, and those wooly eggs are amazing!!

But I must say, the bunnies may be cuter....

I am loving that punched

I am loving that punched tin!!! I have made punched tin things but never curved up like that. Love the idea.
All the other things you shared are wonderful also.

hugs Pam

Oh my God Pam So much to look

Oh my God Pam So much to look at in one blog!!!! I am beyond inspired and have now reached the totally in awe stage.Those eggs are adorable.........and the bunnies well no need to say "how cute is that" They speak for themselves.

Beautiful beautiful Easter

Beautiful beautiful Easter treats! Am especially in love with Cynthia's bunnies and the crochet mouse! X

such a great inpirational

such a great inpirational idea's of yours!!!!
I was stunned of that i read that those fucsias are made by you.
the tulips made me happy, i'm thinking to make a lot of fake flowers for the outside and i think i will give him a longer life to use paverpol bath.
for the plantthroughts on the galerie outside of my windows.LOL
soooo dutch.LOL
when i'm finely will done, i will send you some picts.
right now i'm bussy with curtains of recycling materials.
but ... perhaps one day....
i must be patiencend.LOL
hey have a great easter time next week;-D

Thanks for including my

Thanks for including my woolly eggs in your fun Easter blog! I so appreciate it. All that eye candy and no calories!

Happy Spring!

Is that your fuschia?? It's

Is that your fuschia?? It's amazing!! xoxo

Both are mine!  The pink one

Both are mine!  The pink one is my beloved favorite fuchsia - June Bride.  The tin fuchsia - my prototype which I have vowed to perfect this year!

Lovely post, lots of scrummy

Lovely post, lots of scrummy photos and links to check out! Thank you for including me in your Easter 'Special'.

A very happy post~~thanks for

A very happy post~~thanks for sharing!