Sharing a Treat From My Email Box - Re-use Tin Can Art!


You are smiling - right? Giggling maybe? Don't you just love this bit of tin can sculpture?

It is the work of a reader named Matt Schaller who decided to share his most delightful and creative little tin can creatures after happening upon some of my posts in which I repurposed  tin cans to create frames and sconces and candle holders.

He mentioned in his e-mail that he thought he was the only one playing with repurposed tin cans and I am thinking he was glad to have some company!!

Of course what Matt creates from cans is waaaaaaaaay cooler than my more "domestic" objects. I totally love the monsters and animals he sent to me via the internet.

Internet space - gotta love it!

So the bird above will be a paint brush holder! A paint brush holder any one of us would love to have in our studios! 


And the frog will sit in the garden!


Not sure what he plans to do with his pig but the garden would also be a fun place. OMG don't you love them both?


Matt says his monsters are great fun at Halloween! He places little LED tea lights in them to make the effect extra spooky.

What a treat to see these! I just had to share - with Matt's permission of course.

Thank you, Matt. Make lots more!

Such a fun and creative use

Such a fun and creative use for old tin cans. So very creative!

My brain is exploding. I now

My brain is exploding.

I now have my halloween project.

If I can reassemble my blown mind!!

Love the frog!!

Love the frog!!

Thanks for sharing. The

Thanks for sharing. The butterflies are beautiful, and the tin can creatures are fun!

I think these would be so

I think these would be so cute hanging in my garden.
Tinkling in the breeze from low growing trees or shrubs!
Will definately give these a try for summer.

So fun- I immediately thought

So fun- I immediately thought "how great would those monsters be for Halloween!" lol

Funny :D end ecofriendly,

Funny :D
end ecofriendly, too!

Oh gosh those are both

Oh gosh those are both hysterical and wonderful Matt. I imagine a whole line of them all lit up along a walkway at Halloween. Very imaginative re-use!

Thanks for sharing Pam!