Another Treat From my E-mail - "Punched Tin" Butterflies From Dollar Store find!


Just look at these beautiful butterflies! Seeing these show up in my e-mail in January made my whole month! (And made taking down my beloved Christmas tree much easier!)

The pictures you are about to see were sent to me by Donna Bridy - a reader from the east coast who had written me last summer with questions about making my tin butterflies - where to get the beads, what materials would be best suited for the children in her parochial school....


Making butterflies and moths was a school wide project which began with a trip to a local science museum to learn about butterflies and moths and ended with a beautiful butterfly Christmas tree!




Donna chose to teach her class how to make tin butterflies; other classes made theirs using wood, paper beads....

I am so honored to have been a teeny tiny part of this project and have been eager to share the pictures that Donna sent me.


In addition to the school project, Donna taught a tin butterfly class at a public library and sent this picture of some of the butterflies made during class!

She also shared a few great tips with me - which I thought you would appreciate me passing on!!

1. The wings were cut from "the lids to huge aluminum casserole pans purchased at a dollar store - they are completely plain (no imprinted designs to work around)".

Brilliant Donna!

2. Students could design their own butterfly or copy one of four images of butterflies Donna provided.

3. Embossing was done with wooden sticks and holes "punched" with a push pin!

I have just GOT to give that a try!

4. The brilliant colors were applied using good ole Sharpies!

5. Donna shared a cautionary tale about glue used for attaching the body beads. Apparently she used Gorilla Super Glue at first, but found there was some sort of chemical reaction with the material in the lids as it left a white dust film on the aluminum. So she tried Aleen's Jewel-It and found, as have I, that it works beautifully for this application.

Her body beads came from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads where I sent her after her inquiry for a source. I have found these beads work very well but are difficult to find in many bead shops so you may want to order them from Fire Mountain.

So there you are! Proof that I am the luckiest blogger on the planet! Not only do my readers share their own versions of my projects but they share their secrets as well!

Thank you Donna for taking time from your busy teaching schedule to share the butterfly project AND all your tips for making them child friendly.

Here are links to some of the beads I like to use:

1 1/2" Hairpipe beads

2" Hairpipe beads

26.5mm x 6 mm Transparent Pressed glass Czech beads offer more variety in color - I love the ruby! (Scroll down to find the transparent or opaque Pressed Glass beads, click on your favorite color to go to the selection of bead shapes and then scroll to the 26.5 x 6mm bead - page 2.

2 1/2" Horn Beads

And here is a thought!  I recently came across Erin's Gypsy Trade Beads and I am thinking they would totally fantastic to use strung together on a bit of wire for a body! 

AND you can actually enter her giveaway right now to win two sets of Gypsy Trade Beads!  Hurry right over - giveaway ends April 7th.

Have fun making butterflies to welcome spring!  And send me pictures! :-)

Gorgeous results! Thank you

Gorgeous results! Thank you so much for sharing :-)

Wonderful butterflies! It's

Wonderful butterflies! It's so great that so many bloggers/crafters find your tutorials so useful. I always love reading new hints and tips.

Wow- these butterflies are

Wow- these butterflies are gorgeous! I agree, the Gypsy Trade beads would make a great body for them- I would have never thought of that! Thank you so much for sharing, Pam!

This certainly is high praise

This certainly is high praise for you Pam,and, you deserve every bit of it.Keep up the good work of seeing the beautiful side of life.

You are such an inspiration,

You are such an inspiration, Pam! And that is one gorgeous tree Donna shared, wow! Who would have thought to use the lid from a dollar store pan, so clever. BTW, I treasure my butterfly from you & Diane, always will.