Trick or Treat? No - Easter Witches!


Image by Sasha from her blog Squashed Tomatoes


The day that adorable little Easter Witches walk the neighborhoods in Sweden asking for treats and giving hand made Easter cards in return.

It is officially Skätorsdag (Maundy Thursday) in Sweden - in fact by now the day must be nearly done. Certainly all the little witches are safely home and enjoying their loot!

Take a few minutes to visit my friend Sasha and her family as they celebrate Easter - Swedish style!

Her posts are MUCH shorter than mine so it won't take but a minute of your time!

You can read about the traditions of Påskkärringer here and also here on her blog Squashed Tomatoes.

And don't miss seeing their beautiful Easter tree - fresh branches brought inside and festooned with colorful feathers! Here is the tree last year and  again this year with some new additions!

I love that the branches are left in the house in water after the holiday so the children can watch the new little leaves appear!

Added after publish date: My friend Gill shares a little about how Easter is celebrated in Norway!  Be sure to check out her comments below. 
Thank you Gill! xox

And now - I wish you one and all a very Happy Easter. I will be back next week!

This is really interesting,

This is really interesting, it's fascinating how holidays are celebrated differently all over the world. Good to know that traditions are still held onto (even though the internet brings us all together to share!)

Thanks for always having great posts and insights into different cultures, I wouldn't have known about these otherwise. Love the nature element and trees brought indoors left to sprout.

Happy Easter to all the

Happy Easter to all the little bunnies, chicks, and witches!

Thanks Pam! I love, love,

Thanks Pam! I love, love, love your posts about holiday customs in other parts of our world. (I'm trying to be more of a comment-er, less of a stalker!) Happy Easter to you and yours :-)

Happy Happy Easter, Pam! I

Happy Happy Easter, Pam!

I really love it that we humans celebrate our lives in these different (but similar) ways. I think it's so fun that people mark the passing of time by allowing themselves to decorate, partake, share, and live a little fantasy!

Off to see about Norway Easter, now!

Ah, I love the easter

Ah, I love the easter witch!!! :D Thanks for sharing, Pam! :)

Oh, of course I didn't mean

Oh, of course I didn't mean that the farmers would shoot at the children dressed up as Easter witches...they fire up into the sky, late at night... ;)

Happy Easter Pam! We do the

Happy Easter Pam!
We do the same here in Norway, and my birch branches are decorated with needlefelted lambs, rabbits and roosters (thanks to you!) as well as their feathers and baby leaves and catkins. Easter is a BIG holiday in Scandinavia. Here in Norway everything closes down on Wednesday lunchtime. The shops open briefly on Saturday (4 hours) and then not again until Tuesday. Everyone is away in the mountains skiing! Not us though, my husband is in the fields, ploughing! Spring is early and my lilac bushes are bursting their flower buds a whole month early :)

Apparently in the olden days the farmers would go outside to shoot down the Easter witches with their shotguns, although on one set of "vintage" style table mats I have, a canon is being used! I have a small collection of Easter witches, but to be honest I put them out at Halloween... Gill.

Gill, this is SO interesting!

Gill, this is SO interesting! I love it that Norwegians take time off to celebrate and enjoy their Spring. Isn't it odd that Spring is coming so early for you, and also here in California.
Thanks for this info!

How interesting!!

How interesting!!

Um... I love any holiday

Um... I love any holiday tradition that involves costumes and something close to Trick-or Treating! LOL they are so adorable.