"How I Supported" series - Getting Caught Up!


You might remember that in February I asked for your thoughts about a new direction for my efforts to support crafty bloggers.


        "So I have had an idea I want to share and I am asking for your input.

        I am thinking - just thinking at this stage - of this idea. Instead of making a personal purchase in an online shop, what if I held a giveaway each month for a gift certificate to an online shop. The winner could then visit and select what she likes - staying within the amount of the gift certificate or using it toward purchasing something a little more expensive.

       I am thinking in this way I would be giving these shop owners even more support in the form of traffic - because everyone will want to pop over and browse! And at the same time giving them the financial support by purchasing a gift certificate.

     What do you think? Do you feel it is still consistent with Diane's original intent to support Free?



A big hug and thank you to all of you who helped me sort this out! Your input was so helpful.

A modest chocolate stand in a village grocery store. Those lucky Swiss...

Image by oksidor - chocolate offerings in a Swiss grocery

So - the new direction! Every other month I will continue making a personal purchase from an on line shop. And then every month in between, I will hold a giveaway from an online shop!

However, Elizabeth's comment got me thinking that instead of me selecting just one shop, it might be a better idea if I select a few shops and let the winner choose the shop that best offers something that interests her.

You will get to see better how that works on April 23rd when I will post the first giveaway. There will be four shops featured and the lucky winner will get to make her selections from the shop that works best for her!

I am committing to continuing this pattern for the rest of the year and we will see how it goes. Anytime anyone has a suggestion for how I can improve things, let me know! This is a work in progress!

As I mentioned in the February giveaway post, I don't hold giveaways to build readership - I hold them to give something back to all the lovely people who read my blog. In most cases, I select the giveaway item and I pay for it.

I see it as a way to not only give back to readers but to support the shop owners as well. So in a way, I am continuing to do what I have been doing all along, but on a more consistent basis - with the exception that the winner will get to pick her favorite shop from among several pre-selected shops.


NOW! Time to get caught up with online support the past couple months!

In February, at the very end of the "Thank you" posts, I held a special giveaway - pretty much unique to internet space. Instead of asking for entries, I used the random generator to select a month (January to December). Then I wrote on a slip of paper the name of every single reader who had left a comment during the month selected - which happened to be November - my heaviest posting month - so you know I was busy writing down names for a good long while!!

My sweetie drew the winner - because he just LOVES drawing names for me! And the name drawn - Alice - futuregirl craft blog.

The gift certificate was for $30.00 to be spent in any online shop featured in the February "Thank you" series.

Alice chose Yarnia and then, sweetheart that she is, sent me a picture in which she is hugging two beautiful cones of a lovely cream, lime and green bamboo/cotton blend so I could see what she chose!


In March, I totally indulged my new found enthusiasm for crochet with three beautiful patterns from ATERGcrochet - beautiful Easter eggs patterns for next years Easter baskets here and here and this cuddly little owl.

And I ordered the pattern for making these beautiful felted/embroidered/appliqued Easter eggs AND these totally adorable, adorable, adorable felted snowmen from Marie's shop That's Woolly Something!

Picture 16

Brilliant logo image for That's Woolly Something created by Marie Mayhew

I just recently discovered That's Woolly Something by accident while browsing online information about the Rose City Yarn Crawl the end of February. This little snowman face appeared on the sponsor's page and jumped right off the screen and into my heart. I immediately clicked over to find out more about his creator!

This pattern for six snowman hats is next on my list!

So, now you are caught up for March and February! Be sure to pop back on the 23rd for a chance to win the next "How I Supported" Giveaway! Both That's Woolly Something and ATERGcrochet and  will be featured - and I noticed today that already new items have been added!

The other two shops featured in the giveaway - PlanetJune crochet pattern store and sewjenaissance unique hand embroidery art.

So - if you are into crochet, knitting, felting or embroidery - don't miss entering the giveaway on April 23rd!


Congratulations Alice! I

Congratulations Alice!

I think your idea for alternating a give away every other month is wonderful. It will give us an opportunity to learn about more new to us shops.

I guess my crafting brain is a little backwards this year. We are going into the heat of Summer and I have been crocheting and knitting almost nightly. At least I am making smaller projects. I have been knitting baby sweaters and blankets for the new babies that are coming later this year. I think I will make little mitts next. Knitting for babies is always fun.

Hi Pam, it's been awhile,

Hi Pam, it's been awhile, today I'm back having a cup of tea and enjoying your new look blog. Will be back as often as I can to catch up on what I've missed in the past months. After all you are my inspiration.

Love that cute little

Love that cute little snowman! I can't wait to see how your projects from those patterns come out. : )

Love that snowman! I like

Love that snowman! I like your style Pam!

I love that snowman! Please

I love that snowman! Please remember to show us how yours is progressing as you craft him up, I'd love to see that! I love your blog Pam! While I don't comment frequently (it's a pain in the behind commenting via phone), I read every post you publish through my iPhone blog reader (I actually got the blog reader to ensure I never miss one of your posts!) and boy do you make me smile! Thanks Pam!