Springtime Wreath Recycle - From Ivy to Rainbows

Grapoe vine wreath with Rainbows and Punched Tin Butterflies

I am loving how this turned out! Inspired by seeing a lovely little tutorial last fall for wrapping a few of the vine sections of a grape vine wreath with colorful embroidery floss - a brilliant and beautiful idea shared by Katie at Duo Fiberworks.

The minute I spotted Katie's "Rainbow Wrapped Wreath" I knew exactly what I would be doing this spring to recycled my little butterfly grape vine wreath!

Grapevine wreath with Punched tin butterflies

You see, I had forgotten to add water to those little tubie thingys I had attached to the back of the wreath! And sadly, when I realized what had happened, it was too late! My beautiful ivy, which had lived for nearly two years entwined among the wreath vines, was completely dead.

I tucked the wreath away in storage not knowing what to do with it! And then I saw Katie's tutorial and there was no question that I would recycle the wreath into a Rainbow Butterfly Wreath to welcome spring!

Katie used embroidery floss to wrap her vine sections; however, I decided to use worsted weight yarns from my stash - most are synthetic yarns rescued from a garage sale ten years ago. I love the intense, pure colors.

In case you want it - the tutorial for making my "punched tin" butterflies!

Or if you are into dragonflies - try this tutorial! Sea dragons or birds?  Try this!

And BTW - I hung my new wreath on my front door the first day of spring - even though it was snowing!

The butterflies are adorable

The butterflies are adorable but the wrapped vines add the right touch. The colors add so much to the wreath. Great job!

So pretty Pam! Why haven't I

So pretty Pam! Why haven't I done any metal recycling crafts? Everything you've done with metal is just stunning. One day, I tell you...

Beautious! :) It definitely

Beautious! :) It definitely makes me think that Spring has sprung!

I love how this turned out!

I love how this turned out! The colors against the vine and the metal butterflies. LOVE IT! I really like the first version with the living ivy too, but great job of rescuing it my friend.

This is beautiful! I have

This is beautiful! I have loved your butterflies for ages, and the rainbow wreath is just perfect to show off the butterflies.

Em x