Gingerbread Snowflakes Makeover!


This has been a very good week!

My wild ginger has burst out blooming again for the first time in three years...............

AND my most excellent daughter has just brought Gingerbread Snowflakes into modern internet space!!!

I started this blog a little over three years ago and as you well know - three years ago in internet years - is the dark ages - maybe even the age of the dinosaurs! An update was needed!

So, check out all the cool new stuff on the side bar and the menu tabs under the header!

Search bar! - We have had many requests!

A Menu with drop down options! - So hopefully you can now navigate more easily!

Twitter and Facebook feeds! - Designed to make blog feeds available in those places for those that want that option. I will not be an active participant - there just is not enough of Pamela to keep up with more than I do now!

Pinterest is retired. - Even with the best intentions, I rarely ever added to the boards or did much visiting. Can't handle the guilt.

Minimized posts! - Ten posts will fit on a page to make scanning much easier. Click on "read more" to read the whole story!

Two side bars and expanded width! - To make things more accessible and beautiful!

You may want to give me a few days before diving in too deeply into the menus.  As you can imagine,  I have a ton of re-tagging ahead of me! In the meantime, Diane has kindly retagged a few posts already so there will be something for you to find!

If you really want to find a complete list of what has been written on a particular subject, for the next couple weeks, the search bar is the best option.

Totally cool, huh? Didn't Diane and her sweetheart do an awesome job of spoiling their mother to pieces?

I am spending the afternoon in the kitchen making sugar free goodies!

Pam, I'm a bit late

Pam, I'm a bit late commenting, but Gorgeous Ginger--and what an appropriate time! Your site is blossoming just as beautifully--so glad you had some great helpers! :) Of course I've always appreciated the eye candy you've provided from your site, but you must feel all fresh again.

I'm curious about something. Even tho you have retired from Pinterest (unfortunately I didn't know you were on there), is it okay to pin from your site? Just wanted to ask first. :)

Gingerbread Snowflakes is now

Gingerbread Snowflakes is now even better!

Love the drop down features
and Yay for the Search option

Everything looks wonderful,

Everything looks wonderful, Pam! I liked it before too, but this will make it so nice and easy for us to retrieve your fab content.

Had to pop by to see the new

Had to pop by to see the new layout, and it is just beautiful! I love how organized everything is, yet stayed true to your original look- it is still a cozy place to stop by and enjoy my morning coffee! Well done to everyone!

The original blog was very

The original blog was very nice, but now, WOW! you've gone high class. Obviously with such a talented daughter who wouldn't accomplish such great fabulous changes.
You get 5 gold stars in my book. Give Diane 5 too, so well deserved.

Diane and her sweetie did an

Diane and her sweetie did an AMAZING job with your "new" blog. It is going to make it so much easier for everyone to find what they are looking for. Plus, people will hang out longer looking around and finding new things to fall in love with.

Wow! I am envious of those

Wow! I am envious of those drop-down menus. Look at all the goodies in there! It will make finding things a breeze. The search option is great too.

You guys outdid yourselves!

It's so cool when your site

It's so cool when your site is not only updated and lovely, but it helps ME to find everything I need!

Lovely new layout, Pam! So

Lovely new layout, Pam! So nice of Diane to help you too. You certainly raised a good one! :)

Absolutely, it looks

Absolutely, it looks marvelous....but then,it always looked great to me.So much to learn in this blog world. Diane is a great mentor and you work so well together.Click "see more" is the right phrase to describe your blog. Whenever I have someone that needs crafting info I send them here,and now they will see even more.......Nice job Pam

wooow i love the new design

wooow i love the new design of your blog.
awesome of your daughter that she was willing to help you.
very stylish and well done.
and still like you;-D

Looking good, ladies!!

Looking good, ladies!!

Pam, I'm so happy for you!


I'm so happy for you!


Lovely new layout--I come

Lovely new layout--I come here often for inspiration and the happy mood that I am left with after reading about all of your wonderful crafts!

Bravo! It looks great but I

Bravo! It looks great but I agree with your other readers, you always had a nice blog!!

Happy (Greek Orthodox) Easter, Lisa

Love the changes! : )

Love the changes! : )

Oh my, Diane's remodeling job

Oh my, Diane's remodeling job is gorgeous, but then I always loved your Blog no matter what!

The new layout looks great!

The new layout looks great!

Love the new layout and

Love the new layout and features!