Rachel came to visit!


Do you happen to remember my little mashmallow men?

Check this out! Rachel made this "gingerbread" apron just for me! She downloaded the marshmallow men photo from my post, traced it perfectly and embroidered it onto the apron! Just look at those perfect little stitches!

I am still smiling as I sit here writing. This is without a doubt the coolest apron I have ever owned! Before leaving home, Rachel hand-crafted a suitcase full of gifts for all her friends who were gathered here for the Portland showing of "Handmade Nation". I can't believe that with all that work to do before she left home, she still took the time to make me this fabulous apron. I just love it! It now hangs in a special spot in my kitchen where I can see it everyday and be reminded of her sweet generosity.

Read more about Diane's and Rachel's big Portland crafty weekend here, here, here and here!

Diane's bus was running behind schedule so she didn't make it to the airport in time to meet Rachel's plane. Kirby and I were the only ones there to meet Rachel at the gate when she landed at PDX.

Her expression matches her thoughts exactly! "Who are those strange people waving wildly, calling my name and taking pictures?" After all, she was expecting to see Diane, not paparazzi!

Once she realized just who we were, it was hugs all around and off to meet Diane who had arrived at the airport and was waiting in baggage claim. (How did we ever manage without cell phones?)

At Diane's home, Rachel got a sneak peak at the proof of Diane's soon to be published book Kanzashi in Bloom. Meanwhile Katin, Diane's sweetheart and world-famous deviled egg master, prepared a delicious snack.

What is that phrase, "gone in 60 seconds!" These are - oops! - those were the best deviled eggs on the planet earth!

At Rachel's request, Diane taught us Temari. She had pre-wrapped several balls so we could get right to the fun of creating the design. So here we are - using paper tape to divide the ball into sections. And that is about as far as we ever got into the project!

Can you tell the two of them were enjoying this time together!

Aren't they both beautiful!

The time I shared with Rachel and Diane was one of my best crafty days ever!

Thank you Rachel! Thank you Diane!

Holy Moly! Where was I when

Holy Moly! Where was I when you posted this? Was I in Kauai? I don't know why I haven't seen this. What delightful photos. I love it that Katin is a deviled-egg master. I think deviled-eggs are a little-mastered art, but when it's good, it's GREAT. Mail me one.

How fun! I'm glad Rachel is at Maker Faire! Now I'm jealous of her, too.

Pam, that's a great photo of you in your apron. It looks very cool.

(especially without the sleeve part)

Pam this post is so amazing!

Pam this post is so amazing! a lo of possitive in those photos!!

God bless the woumen

Hello! I just foud this blog

Hello! I just foud this blog and fell in love with your works. Do you have picture of your tamaries when they are ready? I promice to visit here again :-)

love Minttu from Finland

Pam this post is so amazing!

Pam this post is so amazing! Two of my favourite bloggers in the same photo, isn't Rachel great - and that apron, so sweet :) The deviled eggs cracked me up (no pun intended really) I posted about deviled eggs too, even put up my mom's ingredients. So funny. Hope you had a lovely Easter, looks like you've been having some great times.

That apron is awesome. I

That apron is awesome. I would be so flabbergasted if someone embroidered something that I had crafted!

Wow! That is a seriously

Wow! That is a seriously awesome apron!!! The simplicity of the design (and meticulous embroidery!) say so much more than a more detailed embroidery would have done.

It looks like all of you had a fabulous time together. Your post is very inspiring. Great photos !! :)))

what a great blog post!!

what a great blog post!! looks like such a fun time, great energy in those photos!!

Thank YOU, Pam, for the great

Thank YOU, Pam, for the great time and amazing brownies! It was beyond a treat to get to finally meet you and spend a crafty afternoon together with you and Diane. I'm still pinching myself, wondering if that all happened or if it was just a fabulous dream. I am so tickled that you love your apron. There was so much more I wanted to do on it, but alas, time ran short. I'm so glad, though, that it's bringing you smiles - that's the best compliment ever! Love you and can't wait to get back to Portland for more crafty fun soon! :)