Valborg - Celebrate with a Lovely Fire

Valborg / Walpurgis Night 2007

Image of Valborg Fire in Sweden by Thomas Bucktele

Valborg or Walpurgis Night! April 30th.

Time to say goodbye to winter and welcome spring.

Sweden - Valborg Celebration

Image of Swedish Valbory night bonfire in Sweden by Sasha

Sasha shares two posts on Squashed Tomatoes so you can see first hand how this night is celebrated in Sweden.

Goodbye winter, Hello Spring

Let's burn Away the Winter

Sweet pea shoots springing up in Mid-summer Well.

Just ten days ago I planted sweet peas at the base of each tripod support in Margit's Mid-summer Well in the hope they would pop through the soil in time to welcome Valborg! And they did!

This evening, since we have no community bonfires planned in Vancouver and we are not allowed to light bonfires on the property, I will float a few lit candles in Brigid's pond. And a toast to the arrival of spring!

But I don't mind telling you that after these past days of cold rain I am ready to burn away winter with a giant bonfire!

I like the idea of burning

I like the idea of burning away Winter. Just looking at the picture of the big bonfire makes me shutter. Down here in Florida we are in our dry season. April is one of our driest months and we saw many wildfires throughout the month. Three of the fires were know to be started by squirrels of all things. They would walk across the power lines, catch on fire and drop to the dry ground and start a fire. That's the strangest way a fire has started in a long time.

You know, I love it when you

You know, I love it when you remind me of celebrations I haven't indulged in lately. You know Everything!!

I am also ready to get rid of

I am also ready to get rid of winter and welcome Spring with open arms!! What an interesting tradition of burning away winter- thanks for sharing!

Oh it was so rainy here

Oh it was so rainy here today, a bonfire sounds perfect! Happy Spring!

This looks like such a FUN

This looks like such a FUN event!! I think I'll go out & light a (small) bonfire :-)

So interesting. Thank you so

So interesting. Thank you so much for sharing.