By Request - Arielle's Choices - Crafty Goodness From PlanetJune!

Picture 4

Fruit Bat Amigurumi image by PlanetJune with permission

After announcing the April Shopping Spree winner a few days ago, several of you left comments or wrote me asking me to share Areille's (the winner) choices!

Arielle is not a blogger but you may remember she prepared an excellent post for Gingerbread Snowflakes about Christmas in Japan - Okinawa, Japan to be exact. And this past February, she also shared a lovely collection of images she has taken in Okinawa.

Her sweetheart is stationed in Okinawa and they are completely enchanted with Japanese culture. So it was only natural that she selected Amigurumi patterns from the PlanetJune shop!

So that is one of them above - the fruit bat. OMG. Can you stand how cute he is?

Picture 11

Fruit Bat Amigurumi by PlanetJune with permission

And here it is with it's little wings folded. I am so smitten! The fruit bat will be a gift for her Gramma.

Picture 5

Fuzzy Lamb Amiguruni image by PlanetJune used with permission

And she selected this precious little lamb from the Farm Animal collection - it is to be a gift for her grandfather who loves lambs.

The faces....OMG the faces.  How do you not smile when you look at those little faces!

Picture 7

Stegosaurus amigurumi image by PlanetJune used with permission

And for her Godson - what else - a Stegosaurus from the Prehistoric collection - there are 12 dinosaurs!  Perfect for kids!  Perfect!

The more I wander around in June's shop, the more I come to appreciate June's talent and skill and genius.

She has published two books. "Paper Chains and Garlands" - out of print but I just found three on Amazon!!  And "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Amigirumi"!

In addition she actively blogs at PlanetJune, continually creates and adds new items to her shop and creates free tutorials and videos which are available on her site.

Picture 6

In her shop - PlanetJune Crochet Pattern Store - in addition to the cutest collection of Amigurumi creatures ever - you will find every thing from this amazing set of patterns for succulents from her totally amazing and awesome Flowers and Plants collection  - to Christmas ornaments and holiday themed patterns - to all kinds of PlanetJune accessories!

There is no excuse not to begin to learn to crochet - June supports you with tutorials that are well written and clear.  I know!  I have learned the magic ring, invisible decrease and how to close a project - all from June! You will find them all in her free tutorials!

Many of you are already familiar with PlanetJune! But if this is the first time you have been introduced - take the time right now to follow some of the links I have shared because - well because you will be very glad you did!


Pam, Meant to tell you the


Meant to tell you the other day that the bat reminds me of Stellaluna. :)


Thanks for letting us know

Thanks for letting us know about Arielle's choices! That bat is so darn cute!

aaaw this is awesome, i'm

aaaw this is awesome, i'm still knitting tulips, but i can't wait to pick up my crochet hook to try out this patterns.
so cute and cool, thank you for the sharing and to give us all the links;-D
hey have a great weekend;-D xo

Thanks again, Pam! I can't

Thanks again, Pam! I can't wait to get my crochet hook going!
Big hugs,

The Stegosaurus is so

The Stegosaurus is so incredibly cute!