Recycled Aluminum Cans Are Perfect Plant Markers

Plant tags made by Annette

Check out my beautiful plant markers! A gift from Annette!

 Visit her blog "by Annette" where you will find an excellent tutorial for making your very own set of plant markers using recycled aluminum pop cans!

Surprise from Annette!

After creating this totally amazing wreath using dozens and dozens and dozens of fabulous flowers made from aluminum cans,  plant markers seems to me to be a logical step and a great application for her techniques! So I suggested she and I play around with ideas for "garden art" and plant markers.

The next thing I know - this lovely surprise gift arrives in the mail!

Deatil of Annette's gift wrap

Take a closer peak at her "bow".

Recycled aluminum can flower by Annette

I am so totally framing this little flower!

Plant tags by Annette

And these have already found homes next to my infant tomatoes!

Now I need to hold up my end of the bargain and make a few of my own!!! Will share when done.

Thank you Annette! I LOVE my new plant markers.

such a smart idea to use

such a smart idea to use those cans for plant markers. I love this, and how you pin them together to write with a permanent marker the name.
really i think i will try this this pring and too for making more no watering to give flowers.
Tell your friend that she is an talented crafter like you;-D
Thank you for the sharing dearest pam, i think your garden looks awesome and colourfull , like your pictures;-D XO's

What fun plant markers! Plant

What fun plant markers! Plant markers tend to be a bit boring so it is nice to see some creativity with them.

Aren't those plant markers

Aren't those plant markers nifty. Way to go (again) Annette! :)

Such a great recyling idea

Such a great recyling idea and funny all the colours, love it.
I liked it that you was so happy with the "bow" on the present.Sweet of you to give it a new place, recycled in the seccond!!!!LOL
Thank you for sharing this tute and the story, have a good creative weekend;-D xoxooxoxo

Those are awesome! They will

Those are awesome! They will be lovely in your garden!

This is a great idea, I

This is a great idea, I really like these plant markers. Over the years, I've gone through so many commercial ones - I'll have to try making my own the next time I plant a garden. (skipping this summer's planting - will try again next year!)

So clever and fun!!! And

So clever and fun!!! And that "bow" is gorgeous! Love all the bright, happy colors! Thanks for sharing your goodies with us!
Big hugs,

Theses are awesome!

Theses are awesome!

The markers look Great in the

The markers look Great in the pots!!!