A Mother's Day Love Letter For My Daughter

Crewel Embroidery - Hummel

Usually at Mother's Day I write about the women who shaped me into the person I am - my Mother, Grandmother (Gwennie) and my Great Grandmother (Grammie).

This year I am breaking with "tradition" and sharing a treasured memory about my daughter, Diane.

The sweet little crewel embroidery pictured here was completed by Diane when she was between 11 and 12 years old. And there is a story to be told.

Crewel embroidery - Hummel

Every one of our five generations "touched" this piece in some way. My Grammie (my Great Grandmother) taught me to embroider and I taught Diane. When this piece was completed, Diane gave it to Gwennie (her Great Grandmother to whom she was very close). When Gwennie passed, my Mother gave it back to Diane who asked me if I would like to have it!

Back in the day - you know the vintage times - late 1970's - I was a crazy mad woman with a needle and crewel embroidery yarn. I was embroidering everything from the tiny 4"x4" Jiffy Stitchery fruit and veggie kits to huge embroidered canvasses 36" x 60". "Needleless" to say - Diane spent hours and hours at my side learning to stitch!

The moment I spied this "kit" with the two sweet little Hummel figurines huddled against the rain under an umbrella, I fell head over heals in love and purchased it immediately. And then, sadly, I was not able to indulge myself with the time to make it.

When she was about 9 years old, Diane asked if she could embroider the Hummels.

At that time in my life I was a devoted perfectionist and while I wanted to say yes, I also wanted every single stitch perfectly placed. Sorry - but that is how it was - the bare ugly truth.

I tried very diplomatically to explain to Diane without actually saying it that her embroidery skills were not up to my expectations for this piece. (I know, I know - flawed mothering - but I am being honest here so there you are - like I said - the ugly truth).

Hummel - Crewel embroidery

Diane got the message. Whether that was good or bad - the result is that she worked very hard at perfecting her stitches - kit after kit after kit. And in just a year or two she could embroider rings and rings and rings around her mother!

She didn't have to ask again - I happily gave her the Hummel kit to embroider.

A hugely humbling moment in my life when she had completed this piece with more perfection than I myself could ever produce.

As her mother, I have had the incredible privilege to watch Diane grow and spread her wings into the amazing and talented and generous individual she is today - and I continue to be humbled.

When I saw the embroidery it

When I saw the embroidery it brought back memories. My mother collected Hummel figurines. When I first got married I cross stitched her two Hummell figures, framed them and sent them to her for Christmas (31 years ago). They hung in the hallway of her house until my father sold the house 10 years ago (mother died 18 years ago). That year he sent them back to me. Thanks for the memories....

What a lovely story, Pam.

What a lovely story, Pam. Don't be too hard on yourself... Diane turned out just as fine as her incredibly perfect stitching!

The kit that keeps on

The kit that keeps on giving!! Even after all these years this embroidery is finding ways to touch someones life.It is making you reflect on your talents and flaws, Diane's amazing growth as a women and so many of your readers are reminded of this hummel and when it touched their lives.My mother had this in her Hummel collection and I was not allowed to touch it till I grew up. Mother's know best.

Beautiful story! It's really

Beautiful story! It's really special that you still have this and remember all about it. For her kid, her work was truly remarkable!

Yes, I'm replying to my own

Yes, I'm replying to my own comment over a year later....
You expected your child to do her best & look what she did! She worked hard until she could & did it. When we set the bar high for kids, they work hard to reach it and learn a lot along the way.

So Diane was a bit stubborn

So Diane was a bit stubborn when she was younger and worked hard for what she wanted. What may seem like "bad" parenting might have actually make her stronger. Or at least that's what I tell myself when I am being a "bad" parent lol.

Happy Mother's Day!!

Wow. First of all, what a

Wow. First of all, what a gorgeous little treasure you've inherited. I can tell by the story that you cherish every stitch within it. I know I would!

Second of all, your hesitation to hand over the kit wasn't misplaced, in my opinion. I don't think it's a bad idea for a parent to require that their children work for a thing they want. This showed your daughter that the object of her desire had value and wasn't to be given or taken lightly.

These days parents tend to just hand everything over to their children. For that reason, objects - even expensive and valuable ones - have very little meaning to children. They will ask for something, be given that something, and promptly break, lose, or forget that something because they don't have any attachment to it, or respect for it. I know this from years of personal experience. So you did well, Pam. And you have the very real and tangible proof in your amazing daughter and her art.

Happy Mother's Day!

such a lovely story, and i

such a lovely story, and i had to smile and laugh of your lines , this was the ugly true.LOL I don't know if your daughter had troubles with what you told her.
But it's ended okay, and she did a fine job and so sweet of her to make such a present for you.!
I 'm a crafting/art teacher as well ( i can't find the right translation) and i learned during my study time the same message. I didn't known that before .
And i knew you must check those stiches of students, but i never did, only just a short peak. I told them they can see you've made it your selfs.LOL
But i try to do it right myself;XD
Thank you for sharing your story and have a fun nice motherday tomorrow.xo

You simply inspired Diane to

You simply inspired Diane to make the Hummel kit her goal! We all need something to reach for :)
Fantastic stitching. I love the image. My mom had two Hummel figurines while we were growing up and this piece reminds me of her.

Happy almost Mother's Day to one of the best moms I know!!!

What a great story!! And look

What a great story!!
And look at those stitches! I can stitch like that, too, when I cut the picture out and paste it onto the panel. It's such a wonderful thing!

I'm wondering if you have this behind glass? We have a very old piece that Cathie's mom made, and we don't want it to get all dusty so I attend to it, but I don't think about glass because that kind of ruins the effect of the texture.

This is lovely. Diane loves you a lot to go through all that practicing to be like you!

Aw... I can totally

Aw... I can totally understand you wanting to have that kit look perfect - if you loved it, it wouldn't have been easy watching little-me wreck it. I think that your concern served to give me an appreciation for the importance of striving to do things well. And that has totally served me, so many times.

We need to find this kit on eBay or somewhere so YOU can stitch it now!

Yikes!  NO!  don't even think

Yikes!  NO!  don't even think of it!  I am so buried in WIP's now I will most likely never see the top of the pile!  And I am still working on the unicorn Rachel gave me! And tons of new ideas not even hatched yet!

I appreciate the thought, sweetheart, but this lovely is treasure and memories enough! xoxoxoxox

Okay - I see everyone used

Okay - I see everyone used sweet, but I just can't help it. It is such a sweet story. Wow, the generations to have touched it. What a wonderful keepsake. I think I would add the story to back of the frame so future generations can know and enjoy the story too.

My sister did this exact embroidery kit including the frame. I love that embroidery is back. I hope to learn a little of it myself. My grandmother did beautiful embroidery until her vision failed her. Thanks for a great story. Warmed my heart. :)

What a sweet story, thanks

What a sweet story, thanks for sharing!

Perfect time to share a great

Perfect time to share a great story about a fantastic lady and her wonderful mother!

Pam, thanks for sharing a

Pam, thanks for sharing a real Mom's Day story!
Now this is what it's all about.

So sweet Pam, I love a good

So sweet Pam, I love a good embroidery story, and yours is super sweet! The figures are so well done too, she was very thorough even back then.. :-)