How I Supported Craft Artists and Makers of Free Content in April

April shopping spree choices

Clockwise from upper left:  ATERGcrochet:  Jenaissance Designs:  That's Woolly SomethingPlanetJune

As many of you already know - in April I supported "makers of free content" - craft artists and shop owners who share free content in their blogs - by experimenting with my very first "Shopping Spree Giveaway".

The winner - Areille - Had the opportunity to chose three patterns from one of four shops:


Jenaissance Designs


That's Woolly Something

You can see what she chose here!

Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon Sticks Earrings - image and earrings by Erin at Elisian Studios.

And I just could not wait any longer to own "Cinnamon Sticks"! I fell in love with these earrings from Erin's Elisian Studios Woodland Spice Jewelry Collection the very minute I spied them in her online shop. Now I am wearing them almost every day!

I love Erin's jewelry collections - she is incredibly talented and brings her artist's eye into every piece of her jewelry - and her beads and jewelry components as well. You can find her beautiful jewelry and jewelry components here in her shop Elysian Studios.

Erin has recently turned her attention back to painting and is sharing her work and experiences on her blog. Go visit and see what she is up to these days!!

Bleeding hearts

So - now I would like some input! Please! Because the "Shopping Spree" idea is still a work in progress!

My intention in offering a choice of four shops is to 1) give exposure to more than one artist, and 2) to give those that enter their names in the giveaway several options for shopping - not everyone is into the same crafty expression after all.

So what so you think? Was offering four shops confusing or "inspired"!!!

I love this idea of holding a little Shopping Spree every other month as part of my efforts to support makers of free content and owners of online shops. But I want the Shopping Spree to be a fun experience for those who wish to participate and any suggestions for improvement or change are most welcome and appreciated!

I was just browsing through

I was just browsing through Pinterest and saw some super cute owl crochet patterns, and guess what? It was ATERGcrochet! Thanks for introducing me to the lovely designs.

Thank you for sharing my

Thank you for sharing my earrings! I hope you are still enjoying them! I think your shopping spree idea is great- can't wait to see how it evolves!

Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your input!  Knowing your thoughts and response to the shopping sprees is a big help.

I will continue offering more than one shop.

I agree with your other

I agree with your other fans.
Showcasing other crafters exposes us to previously unknown loves and interests.

Keep doing what you are doing.

I like the four shop idea,

I like the four shop idea, because as you say, we all have different likes!! And I can look at shops I might not have looked at otherwise - there's so much on offer on the WWW, it's easy to miss wonderful stuff!

Keep reminding all of us to

Keep reminding all of us to buy from "some online crafter" when we need a gift or just a pick-me-up. These people are really, really GOOD!
****will have to share my knitted snowmen with you someday****

I enjoyed looking through all

I enjoyed looking through all four shops. I hadn't heard of any of them before, so it was fun to see "what's out there" and get some ideas for upcoming projects. I think offering four shops was "inspired," but I also may be a tad biased.
Big hugs,