"Personal Retreat" - Finishing WIP's and Learning New Skills

Picture 2

Painting little gourd Matryoshkas

Learning Tunisian Crochet

Learning Tunisian Crochet - Diane is teaching me! She learned from Elizabeth!

Using my favorite color yarn - turquoise - greatly facilitated the learning process!!

Knitted scarf using Yarnia Greenwood

Finally completing this sweet scarf for a friend! Cotton, bamboo, rayon blend called  "Greenwood" from Yarnia. Pattern: Vicki Square's Universal Scarf which I found at Knitting Daily. My first "jump" from straight knitting.

My model, Diane, wore perfect colors for the photo shoot!

Finishing Christmas Balls

Joining my ATERGcrochet Christmas Balls. The dark blue yarn is a little too thin to be used for the join but I still love them.

FYI - found a bag of about 40 plastic balls (probably from a Kiddy Play-land Ball Pool) for $3.00 at the thrift - the size and colors are pretty much perfect for this application!

And now - pulling out the tin snips and recycling some soda cans into garden stakes and flowers! Maybe even some butterflies!

wooow you've done alot, i'm

wooow you've done alot, i'm proud of you.XD
but did you liked it?
i hope so, i love your new projects and the matryoskas are cute , and the crocheted balls, i love the most.
Love the colours you've used, they are awesome.
every time i see them i think i wanna make them as well, but so far i don't.
At the moment i'm wild knitting for pink saterday. ( the gay festival)
and for the tulips. they are finished , but i must stiffening them in pieces-S
adifficult job.
I have done the flowers they are drying now in shape, and then i must do the stems and leaves. pfff.
but.. they are looking so funny.
i will send you some picts.
Just enjoy your craftings and take your personal retreat for it.
i'm curious what you will do more;-D

I adore those Christmas

I adore those Christmas balls! Beautifully done! I have about a hundred plastic Easter egg cases leftover from the neighbourhood Easter Egg hunt that happens in the field behind our house every spring. I never know what to do with them all. But maybe the crochet thing would work on them too... Hmm...

I'll add it to the list. :)

Actually, ATERGcrochet has a

Actually, ATERGcrochet has a couple patterns in the shop for easter eggs that appear to be worked in a similar manner.  I ordered them both!

Warning!  making these - totally addictive!

I just loved seeing these

I just loved seeing these little lady gourds come alive! I am sooooo glad you are taking the break to 'reset' your compass before you again set sail on even new adventures! I think instead of waiting 3-5 years for a break, you can take mini-breaks...kinda like rebooting your computer...and you now have an additional 'retreat' where you can go and be spoiled rotten and soak in much needed and refreshing perspectives. Next visit...a field trip to a wonderful ceramic artist and hot house/greenhouse! Can't wait! And schedule in 'craft' time! Oh yes! Fun Fun!!! Mooches Pooh! ;)

This post makes me all kinds

This post makes me all kinds of happy! I am chuckling and loving that the Tunisian Crochet is being passed along. I am IN LOVE with those adorable gourds. And the crochet ornaments! It's all so good. I'm so glad you're working on all this and having such a good time. AND, loving the kiddie ball reuse. :)

Yay, yay, yay!! :)

HAHAHA! Next time, I'll have

HAHAHA! Next time, I'll have my modeling contract stipulate that you have to retouch out my neck-wrinkles. :-)

...And, I shared a link to your blog in the live chat for my current Craft Blog Tune-Up class, and one of the participants said, "I can't take my eyes off those gourd matryoashkas!

So sorry about the "neck

So sorry about the "neck wrinkles"!  Being you mother who sees only how beautiful you are - I didn't even notice.

Thank you so much for sharing the post on your CHAT!  I wish so much i could have joined in the class but I just have to respect what my mind and body are trying to tell me right now - take things easy.  But I know I am missing meeting some lovely new bloggers.

Hurray! I'm glad that your

Hurray! I'm glad that your break has been so productive. My break kick started my creativity a little bit as well! I'm holding out until June to post about it though ;) xoxo

You finished a lot of

You finished a lot of things!
It's great when you finally find the time and energy to finish projects! :)
I love your Xmas balls, I have to try to make them one of these days!

Thanks for sharing your WIPs

Thanks for sharing your WIPs with us! From painting gorgeous gourds to knitting, crocheting, and onto tin - wow, you're busy! So glad you're having fun! Love all the happy colors!
Big hugs,

This post is like an

This post is like an explosion of color- LOVE IT! The knitting and crochet all looks wonderful and all those lovely little gourd ladies are coming along fantastically.