Art? Craft? Fine Craft? Indie Craft? Conversation with Brian R. Jones and Sister Diane


Do not miss listening to this podcast - a conversation between Brian R. Jones -  Portland based ceramic artist and podcastor and Diane Gilleland - Sister Diane of Craftypod.

The subject (as Diane so beautifully presented it in her introduction on Craftypod) - "the differences between his perceptions of the Indie craft movement and her perceptions of the fine craft movement".

The show is free and can be found here on iTunes.

You will need a bit of uninterrupted time - the show is a few minutes over an hour in length. But it is worth every single minute of your time and the show was over before I knew it!

I love Brian's style - like a conversation between good friends sitting at a table and sipping coffee - imagine a 60's old fashioned coffee house where you linger for hours if you like in the company of others sharing deep conversations or simply playing a friendly game of chess.

Find a comfy spot, bring a pot of tea and curl up with Diane and Brian and your favorite knitting or crochet or hand quilting or as Diane suggests - plastic canvas!

But be sure you have a pad of paper and a pencil within easy reach because I guarantee you will be taking notes! Both Brian and Diane share many note worthy thoughts and perceptions and in so doing will set your mind spinning with it's own thoughts!

I was writing for a solid half hour after the show ended!

As tempted as I am to share with you some of what I came away with - I am resisting so that you can come to it in your own way.

This promises to be an ongoing conversation between them but in time I am sure it will include many others. And I for one am very excited a conversation delving into the similarities and differences between the worlds of fine art and craft and indie craft is being explored by these two thoughtful and insightful individuals.

Take my word for it - you don't want to miss this conversation!

Listened to this while I've

Listened to this while I've been knitting today and thought it was great, thanks for the link! It was interesting to hear two sides.. thinking about how the internet blogscape has changed over the years and how it keeps changing. When I started in '06 things were very fresh & new, being on Etsy was an easy way to sell crafts - I never thought about how it impacts "fine artists" and how they price things. Funny to hear a 30-something talk about how younger people text/write and what a future HR department may be like - wonder if things will really change or will there be a necessary resurgence in better writing and communication skills in my children's future?

I listened to that and it was

I listened to that and it was good. I should probably give it a relisten. I probably shouldn't be, but I'm so used to the open online craft world that I'm always surprised there's still snobbery left about fine/indie craft. It was a fascinating listening.

Interesting observation

Interesting observation Elizabeth.  For myself I did not find snobbery within this conversation at all but rather two bright, creative and thoughtful individuals from two different worlds in respectful dialogue.

The worlds are colliding - there is no doubt.  The universe of "traditional" and long accepted ways in which art and craft have been produced and sold is right smack in the path of the on coming brand new universe of indie craft online.

I have a foot firmly planted in both worlds so I am finding the conversation fascinating.