Meet My Very Creative Little Sister!

Sepia Les

My little sister! Leslie! Thought it high time I reveal that Diane and I are not the only crafty people in our family!

You might remember - my sweetie and I recently escaped our daily "busyness" for a few days retreat in my sister's cottage in the woods.

Today and the next two days I am sharing bits of the visit and bits of my very creative and artistically blessed sister!

Today - a few highlights of the visit! You know - the visit on which I got so totally removed from all media, phones and internet I needed to completely reboot MYSELF!

Mathilda hat

But first! A close-up of that fab hat she created - her "Mathilda Lily" hat - "Mathilda Lily" being the name of her business.

forest at daybreak

Leslie's home sits in the center of the Mystical Forest which covers most of the property - every window looks out on some part of it.

Degoede Bulb Farm

DeGoede Bulb Farm - the best kept secret in Southwest Washington - is not far away in the little village of Mossyrock, so of course we just HAD to visit!

Pink Impressions

My most favorite tulip - Pink Impressions - comes from this farm. These blossoms are nearly the size of goose eggs!

Red Impressions

My other favorite - Red Impressions - also the size of goose eggs!

DeGoede Bulb Farm ships to where ever you live during September - you can order my favorites and other tulip varieties as well as many other blubs.  Visit their photo gallery at the link above and call them to order.

Bead Bag

Leslie is the family archivist - the keeper of memories and treasures and bits and pieces of our lives.

Everything from the old Singer sewing machine and the writing desk belonging to our Great Grandmother to these beautiful beaded bags belonging to our Great Grandmother and Grandmother.

Bead bag/inside

A peak inside! - Definitely beginning to show signs of age as the years take a toll on the lining. Do you not love the polished metal "mirror"?


She doesn't just archive vintage! She happened to be present not long ago when I was about to throw out this sketch I made in a college beginning drawing class. It looks much better now that it is beautifully displayed - framed by a collection of wine bottles.

BTW - the '60's blown glass grapes - from our Grandmother's Shop in Santa Fe, NM. And the bottle embellishments - a copyrighted product in development.

crafty space 2

Her craft room! Look at this organization!

crafty space

Every wall - floor to ceiling - crafter's paradise of every imaginable material or tool - all in order - all labeled!

Guest Bath 2

Leslie has had an ongoing love affair with interior design and antiques since she was quite young. Every corner of every room in her house reflects her passion.

An old bird bath in the guest bath not only displays her collection of polished stones but doubles as a place for towels, watches or whatever next to the shower.

Guest Bath

And guests no doubt want to linger while hand washing. She is a collector of wizards and they are found tucked into unexpected places.

Delicious gifts

Too pretty to open!

Leslie is absolutely hands down the best "gift wrapper" in the family! Whenever I receive a gift from her, I carefully peel away the tape, and untie the ribbons so that once the contents are removed, I can restore the gift to it's original state. These are from my "collection"!

The next couple of days, I will share some of her art - giving new life to anything and everything!  Hope you will join me.

Your sister appears to be

Your sister appears to be beautiful inside and out. I expected no less of a woman so closely related to you.
That bird bath makes me happy! I like little (and big) surprises when I get to see how people live. And discovering wizards all over the place is positively a bonus :)

It's so much fun to share our

It's so much fun to share our crafting passion with those close to us! It's awesome that you have both your daughter and your sister who understand why you love to create! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos with us!
Big hugs,

WOW, everythng about the post

WOW, everythng about the post is a WOW including your wonderful art!!!

How wonderful to have a

How wonderful to have a sister who is creative too! Those bulbs are gorgeous, did you get to bring any home? Fantastic images. Thanks for showing us, look forward to seeing the art too.
Our next door neighbors had the same grapes when we were growing up, they gave me a big smile. Happy Tuesday, Jx
PS, I'm so happy your sis saved your drawing :)

I think it's so nice that she

I think it's so nice that she kept your old sketch and saw its value! It's gorgeous Pam!

Wow. Her craft room. I WISH. It makes me think that maybe I should take a little time and clean mine. I'd be ashamed to show it to anyone right now.

Love it all. That walk in

Love it all. That walk in the garden shot is gorgeous!! And my grandma still has those same glass grapes on a table in her house. :)