Cookie Butter! Biting Into Christmas!

Cookie Butter

Cookie Butter!

Delicious! We are loving it at our house!

Great for spreading on waffles, pancakes, ice cream! Even toast! Especially toast!

Real cookies in every jar! Like biting into Christmas!

Score a jar or two or three at Trader Joe's.

yum yum.....I'll bet that

yum yum.....I'll bet that would taste good on a bagel!

Oh...My...Goodness.... you

Oh...My...Goodness.... you just had to go and share that! I know this is not approved for my diet- good thing the nearest Trader Joe's will be found when I am on vacation, and not under "diet rules"! Thanks for sharing :-D (and I agree with Tammy- I may just need a spoon!)

Oh WOW. That looks

Oh WOW. That looks crazy-dangerous.


Oh my gosh. Is this like

Oh my gosh. Is this like Biscoff spread? I will be looking for this next time at a Trader Joe's. Forget about bread, a spoon is all I need for this!

I can NOT believe this.

I can NOT believe this. Trader Joe's has COOKIE BUTTER?! And Cathie didn't tell me?!

Just WAIT till I get home.