By Request - Fairy House Revisited!

Fairy House

I have had a few inquiries for close-up images of the fairy house! So here they are!

Fairy house

I lashed together a basic A-frame from twigs - the frame is about 10" tall. The moss and lichen covered twigs added another three inches.

As I mentioned, my sweetie and sister gathered moss and lichen covered branches from her "rain foresty" property while I was napping one afternoon. They could not have chosen better material for the walls and roof.

I just love the "frog skin" lichen that covers most of the roof area. When it gets dry, both sides are brown, crinkly and dead looking. but spray with a fine mist or let a few raindrops splash down and one side turns the most gorgeous dark emerald green!

The image gives you a great look at both sides! Cool isn't it?

I just had to use that tuft of wiry lichen for the porch awning.

Fairy house

I left the other side of the house open and then hung a curtain of Spanish moss for privacy.

The little house sits in a shallow tray which is completely filled with mosses from Leslie's forest and ferns from my garden.

P114049Fairy House As you can see, the fairy house is sitting on top of a two foot cylinder strawberry planter - so it basically floats in the fern garden. My sweetie even filled the planter with soil and planted more little garden ferns in each hole.

Before long it will look as if it really is floating!

Fairy House

While misting a few days ago, I discovered beautiful gossamer hammocks had been carefully placed inside!

Beautiful photos, Pam! Thank

Beautiful photos, Pam! Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous fairy house with us! Your local garden fairies must be pleased by the new addition, if they've already strung up their hammocks! So pretty!
Big hugs,

Oh! It is so great to see

Oh! It is so great to see that again!!! I LOVE the hammock! I love the idea of it floating in your garden ~ I am sooooooo glad you came to visit! Such a great souvenir piece from this forest! I did find tiny miniature signs; from what I could make out of the writing...I think they say "STRIKE"....They were left at the front door. Found them after you left. I think it was a good sign that they were happy you were intent on building that Fairy House for them!!!! LOL Love ya!

Have the moss, the tree bark,

Have the moss, the tree bark, the ferns - Pam, you must be a mind-reader to know I want to have a fairy house in my garden this summer!

I love the intricate

I love the intricate detail--gorgeous!

Thank you June!  Wish I had

Thank you June!  Wish I had discovered fairy houses a long, long time ago!

Photography is such a

Photography is such a wonderful art. I want to walk into the fairy house,stroll the outdoor gardens and take a nap in that hammock.Such a lovely home.......and a family effort at that.

Thank you, Denise!  I love it

Thank you, Denise!  I love it too - especially because it is made from completely natural materials.

I wouldn't mind a nap in that hammock either!