Recycle Pop Cans Into Easy and Cheerful Plant Markers and Garden Decor

plant/seedling markers

New plant markers for the garden!

Inspired by Annette at "by Annette" - you might remember the plant markers she made for me! Her excellent tutorial for how to make them is here!

These are totally simple to do! This whole set took just an hour to make.

And what I really love is that the names of the plants can be "erased" with alcohol or acetone and then reused year after year! Great durable recycle project.

plant and seedling markers

Unlike Annette, I don't have a cuttle bug or cricut to emboss designs on the surface, so I decided to try my hand at creating a few shapes!

The tomato shapes above are very similar to the actual mature tomato. (I would have cut out peppers too, but for some reason, my pepper seeds did not come up this year.)

Plant and seed markers

And for the sun flower seedlings - flowers and a butterfly! Of course a butterfly!

Even my sweetie loves how cheerful these look in the garden.

Hummmmm...... my friend Nancy has suggested I think of using tin flowers as garden decor. I think that is a very good idea! Butterflies too! And maybe dragonflies or dragons or fairies or toad stools - even dinosaurs!!

Perfect templates can be found in young children's coloring books! All that is needed is the outline really.

Pet Lady bug

My "pet" lady bug!

We have no idea how in the world she found our little seedling nursery on the dining table. But she remained on "her" tray of sunflower seedlings from the time the first leaves appeared until we planted them outside.

She even stayed put during the days the plants took little trips outside to harden off! She never left them - not for a minute.

Cool huh?

Seedlings are all in their places in the garden now and I can use the dining table again for serious crafting!

All your markers look

All your markers look Great!!!

Those plant markers are

Those plant markers are nifty. I wonder if they'll get a lovely rusty patina from being outdoors?

Your lady-bug is just the sweetest. Do you talk to her (a la Dr. Doolittle) ?

NO rusty patina, Michele! Not

NO rusty patina, Michele! Not if they are made using aluminum pop cans!  The sun mobile has been outside for two years and is just as pretty and shiny as it was on day one.

Rusty patina can be expected on regular "tin" cans however.

Adorable plant markers! What

Adorable plant markers! What a good idea!

What a great up-cycling

What a great up-cycling project that adds happy colors to your garden! Love the photo of your "pet" lady bug. Glad to know she was faithfully tending your seedlings.
Big hugs,