Etsy Italia Team is Helping Po Valley Earthquake Victims- Won't You Join Them.


Image of helping hand - Holland Cox Photostream on Flickr

EtsyItaliaTeam members are currently busy making and donating hand crafted items to their Etsy Italia Charity Shop in an effort to raise funds for the families whose lives have been devastated by earthquakes in the Po Valley - Emilia Romagna region of Italy.

We were only just beginning to get a few news reports on local stations when I read Silvia's post on her blog Madame Renard and linked over to see the aftermath images on the Etsy Italia site.

I immediately paid a visit to the Etsy Italia Charity Shop and ordered Silvia's little plush bunny.

I hope everyone reading will first visit the Charity Shop and make a purchase and then spread the word.

If each one of us helps even just a little, it will add up to a lot.

To all the  members of the

To all the  members of the Etsy Italia Team who took the time to leave me such lovely comments here - Grazie dal profondo del mio cuore.

I hope that says "thank you from the bottom of my heart".

I find it shocking that the media we depend on for news seems compelled to mostly air  mean, trivial, ugly political rangling and seldom intersting local news over making us aware of what is going on in the world. 

The before and after images you share on your site are just heartbreaking.  I have lived in  earthquake prone areas of the USA for the past 25 years and experienced several tremblers and small quakes - but nothing like this - especially the continued and almost constant aftershocks. I imagine everyone is in a constant state of sorrow, fear, and uncertainty.

I just checked the shop and am thrilled to see that you are receiving great support from the online community as reflected in the Euros you have raised to date for the assistance efforts. And the sales number has risen three fold.  But of course much more is needed.  The team donations to the shop just in the past 5 days have risen from two pages to five.  You should be very proud of the contribution you are making.

Thanks for letting me know

Thanks for letting me know about this. The before and after pictures are unbelievable.

Thanks for supporting our

Thanks for supporting our cause!!!

Thank you very very much! W

Thank you very very much! W l'Italia!
Your help it's really appreciate :D

hi Pam! and thank you so much

hi Pam! and thank you so much for spreading the word about the EIT fund raising campaign here in your wonderful blog!! much love to you from Italy! <3

Thank you very much for you

Thank you very much for you help :)

Thank you Pam for this lovely

Thank you Pam for this lovely post on your blog :)
Alice - AliceCloset

Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the support Pam !
last evening we had another strong shake...

All toghether we will help people affected to rebuild their life !

Thanks from heart

Dear Pam, I can't find the

Dear Pam,
I can't find the right words to say you "thank you" in the way I want.
Thank you for supporting our charity shop purchasing my bunny and thank you for this post, so full of your usual kindness and attention to what other people feel.
You are a special woman and I'm so happy to have you among my "blog friends"!
Kisses from Italy!!!