June Shopping Spree Giveaway Winner!

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We have a winner!

And the winner is: Diana from the Dyhanaverse!

Added 6/12/  And here is what she selected!

Beautiful fingerless gloves

Beautiful fingerless gloves! Made by Daniela - owner of  Hand Made in Italy.  She specializes in knitted socks and fingerless gloves. Her efforts right now are directed toward supporting earthquake victims in northern Italy and so her gloves and socks are being offered in the Etsy Italia Team Charity Shop

 Diana was the very first person to enter the giveaway - within minutes of the post going live!

Recently she joined Diane and me in making an effort every month to support providers of free craft content and craft makers with online shops. If you would like to catch up - February / March / April / May.

Diane maintains an Etsy Shop - Dyhanaverse and in her own words she is "an art activist creating an interactive means of connection to the Divine and each other."

She is as likely to pick up a feather and create something beautiful as I am and has been playing around with my corn husk dye - although her results are different than mine - while I keep getting a nice purple she is getting brown!

If you have an interest in cooking with commonly found plants such as nettles, or pine needles check out her blog!  I am fascinated with her Forage Spring Rolls.

Congratulations Diana and thank you very, very much for entering the Shopping Spree to the Etsy Italia Team Charity Shop. I will send instructions so you can make your selection!

If you missed the giveaway, you can still pop over to the Charity Shop and support the ongoing efforts of this group of talented and caring Italian women.

Congrats to the winner! :D

Congrats to the winner! :D Thank you for your support from EIT :)

You are most welcome, Mairi! 

You are most welcome, Mairi!  The items I purchased from the shop were the first overseas purchases I have made and I was surprised to find that ordering was easy.  And the gloves have already been shipped!  Wow!

I know Diana is very excited for their arrival. So thank you to the Etsy Italia Team for thier prompt response!

Congratulations to Dyhana!!!

Congratulations to Dyhana!!! :)

Thank you so much for writing

Thank you so much for writing up so much about me! You are so sweet. :) And thank you for the giveaway.