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First rose of 2012

Sadly I have let this series lapse! But it's slated for a more regular appearance starting today with some very cool blogs and blog posts you won't want to miss!

Chrysalis at Butterfly Jungle has begun a new Birthday series. Having completed the stunning and informative Birthstone series (find under "birthdays" on her sidebar), she has now embarked on an adventure to share Birth Month Flowers and she is beginning with the Rose - official June birth flower!

You will not believe all the stunning images and information she has pulled together! Did you know Confucius owned over 600 books on roses! Josephine's garden was spilling over with roses - 250 varieties!

What color rose do you give to someone to let them know you are falling in love. Hint: NOT red! Go find out!

And I love that the series is Print Friendly.

Gnome and Toadstool pattern by That's Woolly Something

Marie Mayhew - has been enchanting me with her snowmen and gnomes and easter eggs from the day I first "met" her! She is incredibly talented and has a whole shop - That's Woolly Something - filled up with her lovely patterns and knitted/felted creations - and as I understand it - more on the way!

But it just so happens that in addition to her blog by the same name, she has started a brand new blog "Been There. Done That." And believe me you don't want to miss this one! Brilliant idea! She has only been posting since June 1st. and I am loving this blog already!

She calls it her Pinterest Summer Adventure! Each day all summer long she will select and try out one item from her Pinterest Boards and then share her findings on Been There. Done That.

Red Pin Award as seen on Been There. Done That.

She even has created a little red pin to indicate those recipes or tutorials or helpful hints she highly recommends!

Being a person who is totally overwhelmed with more options for recipes, tutorials or helpful hints than I can ever hope to try, Marie's new concept is totally working for me. You will find everything from recipes to a short review of a tutorial for using PicMonkey. And her posts are short and sweet and to the point!

We tried out this recipe for Oven Baked Potato Wedges - and boy am I ever glad I took her advice! They are excellent! My sweetie is already asking for them again. Her's too!


Avital is in Italy! Florence and Venice! And she is taking pictures like crazy and posting them here on her blog This and That and on her Flickr page.

How many of us can actually visit these spectacular Italian cities? Well now you can - no expensive air fare or lost luggage or long lines. Just pop over to Avital's blog and poof - you are in Italy!

Added June 15.  Avital is home and has begun to share her favorite images from the 4500 she took with her Canon DSLR.  OMG.  I have marked at least half of the first group posted as favorites!

Please do yourself and your eyes a favor and visit often - she has so much to share and she has a remarkable eye for the ususual perspective. Avita's photostream - Italy 2012.

Souvenir bag

She is posting faster that I can write!! 257 images in her Flickr! She calls it "Italy with an IPod." In addition to architectural wonders and beautiful scenes of Italian life, she couldn't resist sharing the beautiful Italian bag she purchased as a souvenir! Sigh. Beautiful!

Sweet Owl Embroidery Pattern by Jenaissance

And last but not least - a lovely woman I met in a recent issue of Bustle and Sew and featured as one of the shops selected for the April Shopping Spree - Jenaissance.

Her shop Sew Jenaissance is her showcase for her original and very sweet embroidery designs and patterns.

She is sharing a little FYI regarding a new option available on Craftsy which makes it possible for the shop owner to provide an instant download to the buyer - especially those buyers, as she says, who buy at off times and want delivery instantly!

I have always appreciated the almost immediate PDF delivery from shops like WEBS so providing this service to the small shop owner as well is a real bonus.

Second Rose to open in 2012

See you next week when I share all my birthday loot!!!

Thanks for the shout out,

Thanks for the shout out, Pam, as well as the heads up on the lovely blogs to check out. Your pink rose is beautiful.

Thank you Chrysalis!  But

Thank you Chrysalis!  But without your inspiration and beautiful post, I might not have even thought to capture my first roses of the season.

Thanks for blogging my

Thanks for blogging my photos! I bought another tourist bag, this one a multi-coloured flower bag. I just got back from Italy a few hours ago and I'm adding titles and deleting duplicate photos. We had a wonderful time! It will probably take me weeks to get through the photos I took with the DSLR. :-)

Aha!  So you did use all that

Aha!  So you did use all that pro-gear you so carefully packed along!  And I just thought you had given yourself over to the magic of Italy and decided to stick with the in-the-moment IPOD!  Silly me!  Should have known better.  Will definitely link once you have them available for us to see.

Thanks for sharing! Now I

Thanks for sharing! Now I have a lot of things to read! And I'll surely follow the Italian adventures :)

Lovely images. Especially

Lovely images. Especially the one of the baptistry in Firenze brings back so many memories of very good times with a backpack! I will definitely explore these links.