Red! White! Blue! Woven Yarn Spangles to Make July 4th Sparkle!

Woven yarn stars at a little 4th of July brunch!

4th of July is almost upon us!  A second look at the possibilities for yarn stars =  pretty ideas for adding sparkle to home and garden to celebrate the upcoming holiday!

For example - red, white and blue yarn stars make a fun, colorful center piece or "table runner" for a relaxing July 4th brunch in the garden!

You will find the original tutorial for making yarn stars here. And all you need on hand - yarn, cardboard boxes and straight pins!

Make them any size you like.  My biggest star was made using 6" x 6" cardboard squares (9" star) and the littlest star 2" x 2" squares.

Wreath for July 4th

Recently, I decided to revisit some of the tutorials previously shared on this blog and take a second look at fresh new ways to use the projects. Danish woven paper heart baskets was the first in the new series!

Today! Red! White! Blue! Woven stars! Because July 4th is almost here!

The wreath above - and actually every project on this post - is made from recycled and reused materials. Super bulky yarn rescued from the thrift and pulled apart into three single strands of red, white and blue. Cardboard boxes destined for the recycle bin. Bent straight pins saved for making yarn stars. Beat up old wooden embroidery hoop found at a thrift.

Mini how-to for making star wreath

Mini visual tutorial for assembling the wreath!

1. Wrap the hoop in yarn. 2. Using a tapestry needle, run a 8" piece of yarn through the back of the star and then tie onto the hoop.

Yarn Stars as plant stakes on the patio!

Pop a few yarn stars onto plant stakes.  I used green bamboo garden stakes and saved (cleaned) bamboo skewers. Scatter among pots of plants on the patio or at the front door!

A little tree deco for the 4th!

Or hang them in the trees!

eight sided yarn stars to celebrate the 4th of July

Clustered together on a shelf or mantle - even a window sill - they make a bright and cheerful accent in any room in the house!

Take a close look at the photo! Do you see my beautiful new bunny made by Silvia sitting with Gracie and Pakapikk? He just arrived from the EtsyItaliaTeam Charity Shop.

Seeing red, white and blue!

You have plenty of time to make your own eight sided yarn stars before the holiday! I made all of these - 15 in all - in one evening. Once you get the hang of weaving, making them is a piece of cake!

Get the kids involved! Once they get started weaving stars they won't want to quit!

If like most of us living in this country, you are a bit of a melting pot of other nationalities, you might want to create a heritage garland using yarn colors that represent the national colors of the countries of your familiy's ancestry. A great winter holiday project! 

I really like these--can't

I really like these--can't wait to try it! Thanks for all the great ideas, Pam!

I really like these--can't

I really like these--can't wait to try it! Thanks for all the great ideas, Pam!

Hey, can you put something

Hey, can you put something absorbant inside them and make them big enough to use as coasters? I mean, the hole would be large enough for a glass? Maybe they'd be too big then.

These are GREAT. What a colorful impact.

I'm in love with almost every

I'm in love with almost every item you have made and shown on your page. Love the items made with yarn, especially since I have tons of scrap yarns to use up! But what really takes my breath away are the pillows on your divan/couch. WOW! They are gorgeous! Love the colors and patterns and they really add a punch of deliciousness to the whole scene. Where on earth did you find something so gorgeous, or are you one of those people that saw it somewhere and made it yourself? (Have to admit I'm a bit envious of people who can do that!)
I also work with paper (quilling) so I love the items you've made by weaving paper too. Some very original ideas here and I appreciate unusual things. I've signed up to get further updates. You have made quite an impression on this old lady!!

Those fabulous pillow

Those fabulous pillow decorations are of "Mola" design - originally from the Kuna women of Panama and Colombia.
Originally, the designs were tattooed on, but once the Padres from Spain showed up on this continent, the designs were transferred onto shirt panels, still worn by the Kuna women today.
If you Bing or Google "Mola designs" under Images - you'll get an eyeful of inspiration!


Marcella (fellow reader & enthusiast)
Pacifica, CA

Thank you so much Marcella

Thank you so much Marcella for taking the time to clarify the origin of the Mola pillows on the sofa for Dianne.  :-)

They were originally given to my grandmother by a dear friend and when she passed, they were given to me because I loved the colors and designs so much - have from the first time I set eyes on them.

Diane (Craftypod) created a tutorial using the Mola technique - called reverse applique - several years ago for Craftstylish in case anyone is interested in how this techniqueworks!!

awesome , sooo beautiful and

awesome , sooo beautiful and cool , love it, still love your picts everytime!!!

Lovely! That wreath is great,

Lovely! That wreath is great, but the whole ensemble on the couch is just beautiful! I would love to sit there and soak it all in- enjoy your hard work!

Hahahah!  You have it right! 

Hahahah!  You have it right!  In my living room guests must move a great deal of crafty goodness to even sit!  But you are welcome any time.  I will happily clear a space!!

Nice! I like all your

Nice! I like all your colorful patriotic designs.

So pretty, especially in the

So pretty, especially in the garden!

Oh, so cute!!! :) And my

Oh, so cute!!! :)
And my bunny found a very happy place to live (your home)!

Oh, so pretty!!

Oh, so pretty!!

Such beautiful photography

Such beautiful photography here! I love how these stars came out, and that wreath looks absolutely gorgeous!