Midsummer! Summer Solstice! Celebrate Summer!

The big guy

Celebrating the Summer Solstice and Midsummer - very big deal at our house but celebrated in the sweetest and simplest ways.

Kinderfest garden well

Fresh flowers are floated in my little "Kildefest Well" every day from now on until autumn equinox.

The well was created last year in honor of my friend, Margit, who lives on a tiny island in the Baltic Sea - Bornholm - where Kildefest is celebrated at Midsummer - with "Kildefest Wells"! Read more here about my well and then in Margit's very own words - the celebration of Kildefest on Bornholm.

The sweet peas - grown from seeds saved from last year - are not as tall as they were at this time last year but I planted some African Daisies just in case so there would be flowers at Midsummer!

Two handfuls a day!

Mostly our celebration this year is all about our strawberry harvest! Two handfuls like this a day - pretty much a full basket!

We are like two ten year olds peaking under the Christmas Tree when we go out to our garden each morning searching for breakfast!  So exciting!  Never had a crop like this!

Fresh picked strawberries for breakfast!

Certainly plenty for breakfast!

Straberry/blueberry Pie

Saving them up a couple days and adding a few blueberries and there is plenty of fruit for the most delicious pie ever! Seriously! Try the recipe I shared here, but make it with 2 1/2 pint baskets of fresh strawberries (instead of raspberries) and one pint of blueberries!

Why has it taken me so long to figure this out. Strawberries are simply delicious in this pie recipe! Delicious!

This pie lasted exactly 24 hours!

Fresh Strawberry Pie for breakfast

  I enjoy my pie in the garden thank you - for breakfast - of course!

How are you celebrating the beginning of summer? Tell me! Tell me!

Mmm, I haven't made a pie yet

Mmm, I haven't made a pie yet this summer...and that looks DELICIOUS! Glad you are loving up those strawberries :)

I can't show this to Cathie.

I can't show this to Cathie. She is GORGING ON STRAWBERRIES this summer!!

I wonder if that's one of the 7 addictions of the world?

Beautiful peaceful place.

Oh my delicious! I bet it

Oh my delicious! I bet it only lasted 24 hrs- that looks so yummy!! Enjoy your summer, Pam!

The arrival of summer is met

The arrival of summer is met by three things around here... strawberries, fireworks and horrible traffic on the highway in the direction of the coast. : )

Those berries look gorgeous and that pie so YUMMY. We didn't get the pleasure of PYO strawberries this year : ( we don't grow them in the yard, instead rely on our farm share to provide them. But this year the crop was plagued by insects. We did manage to snag some pints from the farmer's market, before our 3 days of 100 degree weather this week. They were glorious! I tucked some away into the freezer too!

Yum!!! My strawberries get

Yum!!! My strawberries get all eaten up by chipmunks, I'm glad yours grow unmolested & that you get to eat them up!
I've been enjoying the midsummer sunshine by spending lots of time outdoors - on my deck, knitting, taking walks, going to an outdoor coffee shop (& knitting there, too). With a little shade and a nice breeze, there's nothing better!!

Sweet!  Outdoor coffee shop

Sweet!  Outdoor coffee shop and a bit of shade and breeze  - and knitting needles in hand - sounds like summer heaven to me!

Next time I go out, I'm going

Next time I go out, I'm going to take my camera with me to save the memory. This past Sunday outdoors was the best day yet!

yummie this seems a funny

yummie this seems a funny vacation idea.LOL
Love again your pict soo scharp, clear and bright.
Beautiful colours, wooow i love your vacation ideas;-D
For me my vacation started at home by buying the summer edition book of Flow.
It's a dutch magazin , with vintage pictures , crafting idea's and mindfulness items to read.
And then i tried them out and made my one mini caravan.LOL
Have a great summer!!!!

Your caravan is wonderful! 

Your caravan is wonderful!  Thank you for sending me the pictures.

We've gone strawberry picking

We've gone strawberry picking twice- they were 2 wks early here this year, as is everything else. We're already picking wild raspberries along the roadsides. Took the kids for the first time tonight (they usually pick in my parents yard) and they loved it! I've made jam and I'm looking forward to our wild raspberry jam. And some cobbler. Plus, regular trips to Lake Michigan of course! Living on the western edge of the Eastern time zone is stellar - it doesn't get dark until 10pm right now. This time of year is the best!!

Don't you just love that -

Don't you just love that - not getting dark until nearly 10 o'clock!  I LOVE the long, long days of summer.

Bring some of that wild raspberry jam over please!  I will make  biscuits!  And we can do a bit of tunisian crochet in the garden.

oh, picking strawberries is

oh, picking strawberries is an exciting thing to do. My parents grow them in our (ehm, their :P) garden and I've spent a lot of summer afternoons picking up strawberries (and other little fruits). Lovely! :)
You're cake looks delicious, so "american" for me :)
I can imagine its super-sweet taste. yummy :)
We don't celebrate midsummer in Italy, but we have some traditions about last days of june and Saint John night (yes, all seems "christian related" in our celebrations, I know)

St. John's night seems to be

St. John's night seems to be celebrated in many, many parts of the world!  In different ways.  Any celebration that brings us together in celebration with those we love is a good thing!

What did your mother do with her strawberries? Any good ideas or recipes I should know about?