Beautiful Surprises!

A lovely box sent by Royal Post from the UK arrived on my doorstep today. A totally unexpected surprise sent to me by Joan.


I have always been a child at heart, but when that box appeared, I swear I was as excited as a ten year-old on Christmas morning!

Just opening the shipping box was a treat in itself! As I pulled open the box flaps to see the delightful packages nestled inside, I was enveloped in the most delicious fragrance imaginable.

As excited as I was to see the contents, I was horrified by the prospect of disturbing the beautiful wrapping. Just look at that clever button bow! Who in the world could pull that apart without feeling a bit conflicted about it?

The good news is that I am a pro when it comes to opening a wrapped gift so that it can be re-wrapped and preserved just as I received it! So as soon as the contents are consumed, I will reassemble the wrapped boxes and place them under my seasonal tree!

Be sure to notice the wrapping paper that Joan's daughter Gracie stamped for me. Thank you Gracie for making this for me! I love my wrapping paper! (And notice, it doesn't have a tear in it anywhere!)

Joan's gifts couldn't have been more perfect!

A box of Twinings Earl Grey Tea! My favorite, favorite, favorite tea!

Fudges Flapjacks! (Learn a little more about them here and here)

And my very own "Nini Makes" heart made by Joan! She actually placed a photo of this heart on her blog before she sent it off. And of course I commented about how much I loved it! (I am quite sure when she read the comment she was enjoying the fact that the heart was already on its way to Washington!)

The heart is filled with the most fabulous English Lavender. (I am now convinced that the British have saved all the best lavender and all the best tea for themselves!) The fragrance of the lavender Joan placed in my little heart is definitely part of the reason fairies hang out in English gardens!

I immediately brewed a pot of tea, set out a couple of my very favorite china tea cups, broke open the box of Flapjacks and enjoyed a lovely tea time with my hubby (who had been totally focused on that box of Flapjacks from the moment they emerged from their wrapping!)

Like I said - the British save the best tea for themselves! Delicious!

I wish I could describe the Flapjacks in a way that would do them justice. They are amazing! A very chewy and moist cookie bar covered in Belgian chocolate. I have never had anything like it. If you ever find a box of these, don't hesitate for even a moment - take them home with you!

Joan shares beautiful photography on her blog, and knowing how much I enjoy it, she included a sweet card with a blue polka-dot vase of flowers and a red polka-dot tablecloth. Notice the lavender-filled heart has two hexies that match the vase and the tablecloth in the photo!

Thank you, Joan, from the bottom of my heart, for sending me this beautiful surprise.

I'm always tickled when

I'm always tickled when someone who is creative, like Joan, sends a package as pretty as the contents. It's a great talent! As for the flapjacks, you HAD to give us the link, didn't you!?

I'm telling Cathie it's your fault.

love that heart!

Oh I just love that heart

Oh I just love that heart with the tiny hexagons. How adorable!

Pam, I'm glad you enjoyed the

Pam, I'm glad you enjoyed the package so much. It was such fun surprising you because you're just so lovely!

Mind-blowing!! How

Mind-blowing!! How absolutely beautiful and lovely!!

What a wonderful surprise and

What a wonderful surprise and gifts! The wrapping is indeed gorgeously done. And love that little hex heart.

I prefer Twinnings tea also.

What a good friend she is to be so thoughtful!