Sending a Hug to Rachel

Unicorn Embroidery - kit 1970's

Our beloved Rachel - Average Jane Crafter - just announced she is leaving CRAFT.

But she is still going to be hanging out with us! (See links in her post so you will know just where to find her!)

Rachel is a very special friend. Afterall, who but a special friend would - after striking gold by finding this beautiful '80's embroidery kit in a thrift - send it on to me just because I love it so.

Progress is slow because I want every stitch to be perfect and I am disaster at satin stitch! Nevertheless, every stitch - disaster or not - brings me great pleasure and warm thoughts of Rachel.

xoxoxoxoxo Back  - Rachel

Pop over to CRAFT and read Rachel's post and be sure to pick up all the links to where she will be hanging out!

My favorites: her blog Average Jane Crafter and her brand new "board" where she is archiving all her favs from the almost 3,000 posts she wrote while at CRAFT.

Thank you Rachel! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

That is the best kind of

That is the best kind of friend! Fare-thee-well Rachel, I'll see you on Pinterest!

Sweet kit! I love, love,

Sweet kit! I love, love, love finding unfinished or unopened kits. :)

aaaw so sweet to make this

aaaw so sweet to make this for her, it's a lovely idea, and yeah sure you will think of her when you're embroidering.
Hey i know it will be cute and nice in the end. Don't be to worried of how it will look.
I looks allready gorgious.