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Rain Forest Braken

Me in my favorite place! Not quite as easy to share with all of you as is one of my other favorite places - Google Reader! It is amazing how stuffed that reader can get while I take a few days off to play in the woods!

Found some real gems today while catching up and I just had to share!!!

Picture 37

Image from Mary and Patch

A brilliant Swiss quilter and photographer, Mary  has begun a brand new series on her blog Mary and Patch called Color Vibrations. She teaches 'color' in her workshops and is now sharing her extraordinary understanding of color with all of us!

The first post in the series begins right here.  I am pretty certain you won't want to miss a single lesson.  Mary never disappoints.

Perfect Crocheted Stripes and Pin hooks

Images from Planet June and Future Girl

I only just discovered Planet June Craft Blog early this year while taking my first tentative steps into the world of crochet. Alice - Futuregirl - made the introduction and I have become a huge fan and even become a member of June's Ravelry Group - PlanetJune - a shy, quiet member, but a member nevertheless!

June has just figured out a technique for making "the cleanest stripes in amigurumi" and shares how she got there here;  and her Perfect Stripes for Amigurumi Video is right here! 

And Alice! She has just shared the coolest, most useful "new invention" on the planet! Second only to the post-it note - maybe even better!

The invention -  "pinhooks" and you can read about them right here on FutureGirl. How did we - any of us - ever manage without these. I am going to buy millions!!!

Thank you Alice! xoxoxoxoxo

Treasure mobile and Treasure Game

Images from The Magic Onions and Michele Made Me

I love nature. Love being surrounded by nature! Can survive in the deep dark forests for 10 days living out of a backpack and be completely content.

So it is no wonder that I might be especially drawn to these two delightful ways to enjoy all those lovely bits and pieces that find their way into pockets while out in nature.

Use them to create a "Treasure Mobile"! The how-to can be found right here on The Magic Onions. I am making one for my front door! I love this idea that much.

Or - use them to play a delightful new game called "Pebbles and Pinecones".  The inventor, Michele, shares how to play right here on Michele Made Me.

We are planning a visit to the woods soon - I intend to come home prepared to play "Pebbles and Pinecones" and make a Treasure Mobile.


Monday, July 9th,  I am hosting the Christmas in July Shopping Spree Giveaway and then we are off and running with Christmas in July - right here - all month!

You in the ferns is just

You in the ferns is just adorable! Thank you for the sweet mention of my blog. You're the best. :)

2 things: I LOVE you among

2 things: I LOVE you among the giant ferns (oh, do I want to do printing with those!) and OHMYWORD, pinhooks!!! I am freaking out! :)

I LOVE the first picture, of

I LOVE the first picture, of you in that field of heavenly ferns! So glad you included it.



Shoot! And thanks for the

Shoot! And thanks for the mention too by the way Pam. You're altogether too sweet!

I discovered Mary and Patch

I discovered Mary and Patch through her beautiful modular origami wreath. Amazing! Beautiful pics too. Going to have to check out her Colour Vibrations series. I would certainly benefit with a better understanding of colour theory.

Thanks Pam!

Oh no, not more great blogs!

Oh no, not more great blogs! As you know I can't keep up with the ones I'm already familiar with!

I love seeing you in photos. That fern is as high as an elephants eye, only in the Pacific Northwest - amazing! Hope you're well and having a lovely weekend.

BTW, Alice is responsible for my very first successful crochet creation, a bracelet. She's terrific.

Those pin hooks Alice posted

Those pin hooks Alice posted are THE coolest must-haves!