Introducing Christmas in July 2012 - A Whole Month of Christmassy Goodness!

Christmas in July comin' up!

Christmas in July is here! Or almost here! Depends upon whether you celebrate one day or the whole month! Me? I am celebrating the whole month of course!

I am celebrating by beginning a series of projects I have on my MUST MAKE FOR CHRISTMAS list. Most of them have been there quite a while now, transfered from one year to the next. No more of that! July 2012 they are being revealed to the world!

St Nicholas and Scandi-claus! Dutch row houses! Hexie something! First winter holiday quilt block! All languishing and waiting - but no longer!

King winter to be!

King Winter to be if you didn't guess!!

I will begin by introducing each project this month, telling you a little about what I have in mind and sharing the beginning steps. And then from now until November, I will share all the details of making as I go along so that anyone who wishes can make something similar!

Or just have the fun of watching me mess something up! Truth be told - I have no clue how to do most of this - I am learning and making stuff up as I go.

This is not a craftalong by any means, just me sharing how I am making stuff! But hopefully in a way that gives you the information and inspiration needed to follow along and craft along! No ginormous tutorials, just lots of mini tutorials scattered over the next few months.

'70's tree top angle to become snowflake fairy

70's tree topper retired long ago from the family tree.  Soon to be transformed into a Snowflake Fairy

And it is a great way to keep me on track. I am MUCH better at crafting for Gingerbread Snowflakes than I am for myself, so making this all very public should ensure these projects are completed by Christmas!

All I ask of you is to follow along and keep me on track! First post coming to a screen near you soon!

Pam, if I know anything about

Pam, if I know anything about you, I know that when you say you've never done something (such as painting ATCs, sun-dying fabric, making bookmarks, ETC!), that's when you're going to outdo all of us!

YEAH!!!!! Thanks, Pam!

Thanks, Pam!

Looking forward to whatever

Looking forward to whatever you are up to!

aaaw Pam this is a nice idea

aaaw Pam this is a nice idea of yours, love it.
I'm still not thinking of the winter.I love the decembre month really. the lights on the street, and because i living in the old centre of Haarlem i'm living in such a shopping street with lights.
i start mostly in this time of year as well with making presents so perhaps it's a great idea to following you;-D