Winner of the Christmas in July Shopping Spree


Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner of the Christmas in July Shopping Spree! My grandson, Joey, is visiting and we took him to spend a couple nights at my sister's cabin near Mt. Rainier. Just got back and I had Joey draw the winning number for us.

And the winning number is - number 8

Trouble O'Hara! You are the winner!

I had three people enter by way of replying to the e-mail version of the post. So I included them in the drawing. Names were listed in order according to the time they were received.

Trouble - I will contact you and give you further instructions!

Thank you one and all for entering and for taking the time to offer your thoughts regarding giving the winner the option to shop at more than one shop. And I hope many of you will return for the September Shopping Spree!

Joey?! your sister's


your sister's cabin?!?

Things just keep happening when I'm not looking!!

Thanks guys, I am so excited!

Thanks guys, I am so excited! I am having "trouble" deciding what all to get. So many choices! Children of the 60s unite! I love Pam and Gingerbread Snowflakes! She does many things that I would love to do!

Congratulations to Trouble

Congratulations to Trouble O'Hara! What a great name.

Congratulations Trouble

Congratulations Trouble O'Hara!

Trouble O'Hara? I swear

Trouble O'Hara?
I swear somebody stole a name that should, by all means, rightfully be mine! <3
Congrats, girl- shop your socks off!