First Winter Holiday Quilt Block

Holiday Quilt Blocks

"Welcome to the North Pole: Santa's Village in Applique" by Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins - Piece O' Cake Designs.

When I first saw a completed quilt based on the designs offered in this book, I wanted very much to make one just like it. I was completely enchanted by the playful little houses and tipsy trees.

But I just never quite got to it. I would pull out the book and dream and that is about as far as I got - for years!

Holiday Quilt Blocks

And then last year I realized that what I really wanted to do was to create a similar quilt but using my own designs - designs that more closely reflect me and what I am all about - like Nisse, Tomte, and Yule Lads; 'shrooms, snowflakes, and trees; St. Nicholas Day, St. Lucy Day and Winter Solstice. All of a sudden I really started getting quite excited about making the quilt.

And then the thought occurred to me to break this quilt project into little pieces - make one quilt block every year and eventually assemble the blocks into a quilt.

I began to realize what had been holding me back all these years - I do not want to replicate  the work of another designer and I do not really want to make a big giant quilt - at least not now.

For now, I am thinking of making each block as a miniature quilt just exactly the right size so that when it is hung over a picture on my wall it will completely hide it over the holidays. Rather than bind the blocks, I hope to figure out a way to hem them so that if in the future I decide I want to stitch them together into a large quilt I can do so.

But for now - small quilts seem to work better for me.

Holiday Quilt Blocks

The theme of my first quilt block? I was surprised by what my Muse settled upon - Winter Solstice - the longest night and shortest day of the year. But - it is after all, a very important day to me because it is the shortest day and that means the sun begins it's journey northward and days grow longer.

Hating the long, dark nights and gloomy bursts of grey (daytime) of winter as I do, it does seem logical to celebrate the solstice with my first block.

In far northern latitudes, the solstice sun just sort of skims along the horizon during the daylight hours and it is this long "twilight" that I am using as the theme for the first mini quilt.

It just so happens that I have all the fabrics I need in my stash. I have treated myself to lots of pretty embroidery floss - for the trees and sun rays and maybe ripples in the water. We shall see. As is the case with all the projects I am beginning this Christmas in July - I am flying by the seat of my pants!

Oooh, Pam! This sounds like

Oooh, Pam! This sounds like an exciting project. I cannot wait to see where your wonderfully creative brain takes it. Good for you for recognizing what was keeping you from starting in on the original project.

The sketch looks great. Way

The sketch looks great. Way to break through the project barriers and divide this project into manageable sections.

I really like the sketch

I really like the sketch you've made so far - it's going to be great!

Thanks Elizabeth.  Now we

Thanks Elizabeth.  Now we shall see if I can turn that sketch into a quilted pattern!

wooow great plan, love

wooow great plan, love it.
I'm happy that your full of new ideas at the moment and start alot old plans suddenly. i love the colours, i'm excithing of what will come.
really awesome. xo

Thank you, Jet!  I have

Thank you, Jet!  I have figured out that when i am doing something blog related - it always get completed!  So I am thinking by going public I will have a good shot at completing these!!

So exciting--a new

So exciting--a new (long-term) project!! Maybe that's what I need to do, break it down like yours...I might get something done besides procrastinating!

I'm with Mary and Steff -

I'm with Mary and Steff - can't wait to see how your quilt square progresses! Loving your Christmas in July series, Pam! It's so exciting to see how enthusiastic you are about giving "old" projects new life and finally digging into the ones that you've put off. Makes me want to dust off some of my older projects and ideas and just get creating! Thanks, Pam!
Big hugs,

Arielle, I must admit that

Arielle, I must admit that now that I am getting involved in actually making these projects instead of just thinking of them, my enthusiasm grows daily! 

I hope you do "dust off" a few old projects and send pix when they are done.

Pam - it sounds wonderful.

Pam - it sounds wonderful. My mom is the quilter in the family but I have always wanted to try and make a scene with scrap fabric. I think it would be fun! Maybe I will do that as a winter project. And as to hemming the quilt blocks, why not sew them right sides together and leaving a 2 inch gap, then turn inside out and they are hemmed. Then you could do the scrolly thing on top. Use a blind stitch (which I hope to learn someday soon) to sew up the gap?

I have gotten my sewing machine out of storage, ordered a new foot controller and having it cleaned so i can do some of the projects I ordered. So looking forward but I don't need the machine for the Angel Pigs!

Trouble!  Great idea for

Trouble!  Great idea for hemming the quilt blocks! Thank you.

I can not wait to see the Angel Pigs once you have completed them.  Or your "landscape" quilt project.  Send pictures!

So pretty fabrics! I can't

So pretty fabrics! I can't wait to see what you'll do with them!

I will try not to be

I will try not to be intimidated too much knowing YOU are watching!

Me too!

Me too!

You and me both, Pam- Winter

You and me both, Pam- Winter Solstice is one of the best days of the year. More hope, less depression, a glimpse of the sun on the horizon.
I absolutely can't wait to see what you will be making. I'm as excited as you!

Yes Steff, I am not even sure

Yes Steff, I am not even sure why summer solstice is celebrated in the northern hemisphere! Or why I celebrate it at all!   That is the day the sun starts going back southward and our days start getting shorter. Canyou believe it was the day I decided to make this  particular quilt block?