Christmas in July Tutorial - Hexie/Kanzashi Pincushion

Hexie Pin Cushion

A sweet little hexie/kanzashi pin cushion to celebrate Christmas in July!

Some of us who make gifts for Winter Holiday giving like to get started "making" early. And since many of us, and I am no exception, have been completely seduced by hexies and kanzashi, I decided as my "Christmas in July" gift to you, I would incorporate both in designing a little pin cushion that would be perfect for holiday gift giving.

As you well know, my daughter Diane is completely responsible for my kanzashi addiction. You might say she wrote the book on making kanzashi!

My lovely friend Joanie first introduced me to hexies on her blog Nini Makes three years ago and I have been infatuated ever since. They just plain make my eyes and my heart happy.

And my friend Michele is diligently keeping my infatuation alive with her frequent posts on her blog Michele Made Me sharing her own hexie infatuation!

Hexie Pin Cushion

A little pin cushion idea using both my addiction and my infatuation began to take shape in my mind. And then I added a bit of embroidery and finished it off with my brand newly learned skill - crochet! Oh! And the fabric I used for the cushion itself - hand dyed muslin - dyed using purple corn husks!

Dabbler Art! 

So now - before I think of anything more to chatter about -

here is the tutorial! Happy Christmas in July!

Hexie Pin Cushion

Note: the pin cushion measures approximately 4" across - point to point.

1. Select your fabrics (quilting weight cottons are best).

2. From the pincushion fabric, cut two hexies.

I have created a little pdf of the hexie pattern I used and if you do not see a link to the pdf at the bottom of the post, just shoot me an e-mail and I will send it right out to you.  (Technical guru is busy with nephew!)

3. From fabric chosen for your hexies, cut 7 small hexies. Mine are 1/2" on a side and about 7/8" across. A small seam allowance is added around the edges when cutting.

My sweet friend Joanie has been so kind to offer to send anyone who wishes her templates for hexies this size.  Just leave a comment with your e-mail on this post and she will send you the templates.

4. From the fabric chosen for your round petal kanzashi flower, cut 6 squares 1 1/4" x 1 1/4".

Hexie Pin Cushion

5. Make 7 hexies using this tutorial on Nini Makes or this one on Sunshine Creations. (I see no reason to reinvent the wheel here and create yet another hexie tutorial when there are so many already out there. These are two very good ones.)

Hexie Pin Cushion

6. Using teeny, tiny little stitches as shown in Joanie's tutorial, stitch the hexies together.

7. Once the hexies have been stitched together, carefully center them on the larger hexie chosen as the pincushion top. Pin in place and then baste to secure the little hexie flower in place while you stitch. It does like to move while you are stitching, so take my advice and baste the hexie flower to the pincushion top if you want your hexie to remain centered!

8. Stitch the hexie flower in place using more teeny, tiny stitches around the entire outside edge of the hexie flower.

Hexie Pin Cushion

9. Now make a kanzashi round petal flower.

Follow Diane's tutorial here on Woman's Day or better yet, buy her beautiful book so you will have the instructions for making many different kanzashi flowers and ideas for using kanzashi to spice up your life.

While you are making your kanzashi, try not to place any glue right in the very center and do not add the button. Once completed (minus the button), you can temporarily set your kanzashi in the center of the hexie just to see how it looks! (My really awful test kanzashi - don't look too closely!)

Actually, I am quite glad I made a test kanzashi  because I immediately discovered that the 1"x1" kanzashi squares (which magically become a 1" kanzashi) are a little too small. I found that making 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" squares delivered a perfectly sized kanzashi.

Also at this point I tested the idea of using embroidery around the hexies - loved it! The embroidery actually gives the illusion that there is a bit of padding inside each hexie!

10. If you wish to add embroidery, then the next step is to embroider a favorite outline type stitch around the hexies. I used a cable stitch or side to side stem stitch.

Note: I am using perle cotton instead of stranded floss because I am thinking it will hold up better should it be delivered a direct stab from a pin!

11. Pin together the top and the bottom pieces of your pin cushion - right sides together. Using a small stitch length, stitch a 1/4" seam on five sides leaving the sixth side open for turning and stuffing.

12. Stitch again right next to the first stitching for strength.

13. Trim the excess fabric from the corners.

Hexie Pin Cushion

14. Turn the pin cushion so that the right sides are facing out and finger press the seams.

15. Stuff with your favorite filler. I used some fairly dense fiber fill I found at a thrift.

Hexie Pin Cushion

16. Using a ladder stitch (tiny ladder stitches) close the opening. This is a great video how-to on Craftzine.

17. Attach the kanzashi flower using a few tiny stitches or a few drops of glue. (Avoid adding glue to the very center of the kanzashi.)

Hexie Pin Cushion

Note: It occurred to me that if I embroidered a chain stitch around the edge of the pin cushion, I could then use it as the basis for a crocheted edge. I only know how to single crochet and double crochet and finding double crochet too wide for my taste, I used single crochet. I am sure there are pretty options known to many of you who are fluent in crochet!

18. Embroider a chain stitch around the entire pin cushion to cover the join seam and then single crochet using the chain as your base.

Or if you do not crochet, the chain stitch or a pretty embroidery stitch designed for borders would be pretty but not necessary.

Hexie Pin Cushion

19. Select a pretty button for the very top of the kanzashi.

20. Secure the button to the pin cushion by catching a knotted double thread in the fabric under the kanzashi. Then bring the needle up through the center of the flower, through your button and back down through the center to the center of the back side of the pin cushion. Make a small stitch in the back side, go back through the cushion and through the button again. Repeat three or four times. Tie off the thread and...




Thank you for the beautiful

Thank you for the beautiful pattern. I too am tired of dull containers to hold my pins. May I have the pdf to use?

Dear Pam, I'm going on a car

Dear Pam,
I'm going on a car vacation soon and would love to take along this project. Would you please send me the pincushion hexie pattern?

cute pincushion! I love

cute pincushion! I love projects for down time also:)

I love your hexie

I love your hexie pincushions. I just started learning to sew hexies and would love your pdf. Thanks for posting.

This is so pretty! Great

This is so pretty! Great inspiration for me! Thankyou! This comment is late, but I would love to have the hexie pattern too!!! Thanks!

of course!  It is on it's

of course!  It is on it's way!!




Would love to get your hexie

Would love to get your hexie pdf. Thanks,

Your hexie pattern for the

Your hexie pattern for the pin cushion is on the way!

Beautiful! What a lovely gift

Beautiful! What a lovely gift for a friend who sews!

Love this! What a great

Love this! What a great craft, and clearly just what I need since I'm in a mood to expand my crafty skills since it's got plenty of stuff that's new to me, but not so far from my comfort zone that I'm afraid to even try it. :)

(And I <3 Diane's book with its many fantastic projects!)

I love how many fabulous

I love how many fabulous crafty elements this project has... it combines so many of my favorite hand techniques! Thanks so much for sharing such a lovely tutorial with us, I'll be linking!

What a sweet, sunny project.

What a sweet, sunny project. You've become a real hexie expert! Hope I get time to knock some out again some day. At the moment I'm find very few spare moments but I'm enjoying popping in here to say hi to you!
Happy weekend to you,

Pam, my friend, this is

Pam, my friend, this is beautiful. This is so detailed and carefully lovingly made. I LOVE Diane's book. I encourage everyone to get her book, because she gives so much information and such variety of materials and purpose. Your pincushion Christmas gift would make anyone tickled with happiness!
I've been paper piecing for some projects I'm doing, and I think these hexies would be perfect for use with paper!!

bravo for learning crochet!

There it is!!! This is such a

There it is!!! This is such a cute amalgamation of so many of my favourite things, Pam. It's so pretty and so well-executed, I bet whoever gets it as a gift will be thrilled to bits!

how cute! your corn husk

how cute! your corn husk fabric is really pink! btw, I loved your post on the Olympics, was just there myself, so beautiful.

aaaaw this is cute and such a

aaaaw this is cute and such a lovely tiny pincushion.
beautiful, and sooo precisely.
and great tute. thank you for sharing this with us.

Love this idea Pam, I'm a bit

Love this idea Pam, I'm a bit of a collector of pin cushions and I think it's really clever the way you've done the edging.

Gee, stop doing this! I am

Gee, stop doing this! I am still processing the dutch houses!
This is beautiful, Pam. And I am waiting for you to actually hit your creative boundaries, just so I can start catching up...

Lol Steff!  I am almost

Lol Steff!  I am almost there!  Or I was until I saw the sweetest book of Scandi Christmas crafts!  More projects to come!!! :-)

Wonderful tutorial, Look at

Wonderful tutorial, Look at you getting all fancy with your crochet stitches lol. I think the single crochet stitch matches the embroidery stitches nicely. I also love to use the reverse single crochet or crab stitch around borders. It makes it look like rope going around the edge.

Right! ME!  Fancy crochet! 

Right! ME!  Fancy crochet!  lol!  If you aren't busy you can come right over and teach me the crab stitch!!!!  I have several more to make!