How I Supported Makers of Free Crafty Content in July

Sea Side Wedding

So! This is how I have been supporting my "crafty habit"! Weddings, weddings, weddings! (We have been busy this summer!) 

And below - how I supported makers of free crafty content during July!

Planet June Holiday Patterns

Images from Planet June Shop on Ravelry

I found June's adorable crocheted tree pattern while searching for winter holiday trees to accompany all my little elves and gnomes - nissers, yule lads, tomte's and tontu - in a little display I am thinking of making.

And while I was roaming around searching through June's Holiday and Seasonal Patterns section of her Planet June Shop on Ravelry, I stumbled across the sweetest little crocheted holiday tree baubles! I am smitten. And... I ordered the pattern - well actually there are 9 bauble patterns! Nine bouble patterns in one download pattern!!

June's blog PlanetJune Craft Blog has been a wealth of information for learning all manner of tricks of the trade - amigurumi crochet trade that is. Check out her free tutorials and free patterns and then stop by her shop and treat yourself to a few of her crochet patterns! I have so many of them I hope to make. Bet you will too! Daniela's Needleart Holiday Tree patterns

Images from Daniela Herbetz Ravelry Shop

The person who got me started on this journey in the first place was Dyhana - by introducing me to Daniela's crocheted trees and getting my Muse all worked up over the idea of a little elf/gnome winter display. So if I end up crocheting cute little trees into the wee hours of the night - it is all Dyhana's fault!!!

Dyhana introduced me to Daniela last month when she shared Daniela's Shop on her own "supporting free content" Pay It Forward series on her blog The Dyhanaverse.

I just had to pop over to Daniela Herbetz Ravelry Shop to see what kinds of crochet patterns I might find! As you can see - I found two adorable tree patterns.

Little Candy Trees made me instantly think elves and gnomes and a big snowy forest of fiber trees for hiding and playing!

And then I found the very cool Crochet Christmas Tree and ordered it as well - you know - so I would have a good variety of tree species in my forest!

Dyhana favored Daniela's free pattern for a daisy hexagon which appears here on Daniela's blog Daniela's Needle Art! And Daniela just posted this photo tutorial for the daisy hexie!

Oriental Inspiration & Stitches

Images from Oriental Inspiration & Stitches

Ordered my copy of "Oriental Inspiration &Stitches" as soon as I received notification by e-mail that it was available.

I am very happy to have the tutorial for making these gorgeous Japanese Sashiko coasters. And Carina created and includes a lovely Sakura (Cherry Blossom) pattern based on Sashiko technique.

A Pekinese Stitch tutorial is just in time to be included in my Dutch Canal House embroidery. And for those of you into Lucky Cats - Nicole designed and shares a most adorable Lucky Cat embroidery pattern.

It is a great issue - well worth the teeny tiny price to download! Don't miss it! You can order your own copy right here!

Michele Made Me patterns

Images from Michele Made Me Shop

I've made no secret about how much I appreciate Michele reawakening the "re-use muse" in me by sharing her brilliant re-use and recycle ideas on her blog Michele Made Me.

I just ordered five tutorials from her Michele Made Me Shop - three of them for winter holiday making!

I have been crazy about her TP Thistle Flowers ever since the day she introduced the tutorial, and I am pretty sure I can convert the Juice Cap Pendant and Ornament tutorial into tree ornaments.

The Denim Bowls - fell in love with them the minute she added the tutorial to the shop. I think they will be so pretty clustered together and filled with colorful wrapped Christmas candies.

I also ordered tutorials from the shop for the Hexcellent Headband and Pocket House Picture Frame. But they are for another time - maybe winter - after the holidays!

Michele is currently taking an "August Break" and only making picture posts on her blog for the remainder of this month. I like the idea! Apparently so do a lot of other text weary bloggers! I might even try a little minimalist blogging myself! We shall see!

Okay, those trees are too

Okay, those trees are too cute. The crocheted ones! The candy ones, too!

I'm doing a coaster swap, next. I just have to figure out how to make a coaster. HA!

I'm not taking up crochet! no matter how cute these trees are! I can't do one more thing!

I do have a crochet hook and some yarn...

Those are the cutest- makes

Those are the cutest- makes we REALLY wish I knew how to crochet

I ordered issue 3 of

I ordered issue 3 of &stiches, too! :)
And loved it!
The crocheted trees are amazing :)

Glad I posted something that

Glad I posted something that inspired you! I'm feeling inspired myself by some of these excellent links you've posted here, :)