Monetize Your Craft Blog Class - Don't Miss This One!

Monetize Your Crafty Blog

Just a quick reminder! Diane's brand new class "Monetize your Crafty Blog" begins tomorrow - Monday, August 13th!

Don't miss this one if you are planning to monetize your blog, thinking about monetizing your blog or already implementing some form of monetization.

In Diane's words: "This class is meant to be a time of deep focus and exploration – your blog is unique, like you are. There aren't cookie-cutter solutions to earning money through blogging."

Classroom experience will include lessons in the form of beautifully illustrated text, audio and video, and downloadable worksheets. And personal assistance is always available from the instructor via e-mail.

Read more about the class here on Craftypod.

Register here! Time is running out!

See you in class!

oops, I wasn't paying

oops, I wasn't paying attention and it already started.... since it's online, will it be offered as a download or paid podcast? or again later, for those of us who missed the deadline?

I wish you could join in,

I wish you could join in, Diana.  But unfortunately Diane has closed the class.  This particular class involves a great deal of one on one attention and she feels she can only handle to group she has now.  You know how she is - very thorough and available. 

But she will be offering it again next year so you might want to join her e-mail list so you won't miss the announcement.