Work in Progress - Tidal Pool Quilt Block

Tidal Pool Quilt block

I do not consider myself a quilter - and yet it is funny how many quilt projects I end up making!

Thought I would share my little tidal pool pillow top or table topper or wall hanging - it's final purpose is yet undecided!

Actually, I created this little block about a year ago. Once the yoyos were pinned in place, I set it aside to focus on Dala and that was that!

Tidal Pool Quilt block

In early July I decided to take it along to work on during a three hour drive to the Oregon Coast near Depot Bay where we were to photograph a beach wedding.

Funny thing happened on the way to the beach!

Once all the pins were replaced with tiny stitches, I suddenly realized - my little block looks like a colorful beach tide pool filled with anemones!

Anenomes #1

See what I mean?

This totally cool collage was created by Robin Jay.  I am so glad I found her!  You will want to go visit.  She shares some great images at Flickr.

Tidal Pool Quilt block

At first, I thought I might add the beaded sea star Diane made for my Advent Calendar years and years ago.  It would be a pretty accent, don't you think?

But now, I am thinking a Kanzashi Sea Star would be way more cool!  And don't you think I need some little bead bubbles tucked in among the anemones here and there?

With all the holiday stuff I have going on right now, I may not get it backed and bound til next year, but at least some progress has been made!

very cute, the bead addition

very cute, the bead addition really makes it stand out. :)

What a beautiful little

What a beautiful little project! I hope you finish it. I've never seen yo-yos used that way. I'd like to try something similar, in between the long-term "will I ever finish this?" projects that I keep starting. Thanks for sharing Robin's lovely photo collage!

Very very very pretty! Love

Very very very pretty! Love it! x

Hi, again, Pam! Just had to

Hi, again, Pam! Just had to pop back and thank you for the visit to my art blog, as well as my main blog--so great to see you stopped by. :o) And thank you for signing up to my newsletter. I've just sent you the July issue for fun, for a taste. I will be sending out the August issue before month's end. Enjoy! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

I've taken to quilting this

I've taken to quilting this year another new project and I love the new things I'm learning about this craft. I love what you're doing with this block and what a great find those pics TFS the link. I'm off to take a peak.

That is such a cool block!

That is such a cool block! I'd like to see that kanzashi idea of yours. I bet that would work like a charm.

I've always wanted to make something with yo-yos. Never have. But a pillow might be a reasonable place to start eh? One day perhaps...

That *is* really pretty. I

That *is* really pretty. I also end up doing a lot of quilting projects but would never consider myself a quilter. A Kanzashi Sea Star & some bubbles would look adorable... you could probably sneak a little fish in there, too!

Hello Pam, Love this piece!

Hello Pam,

Love this piece! The colours are beautiful!


This block is sooo pretty,

This block is sooo pretty, Pam... Love the play of warm & cool colors together, and the seaside theme. :o) Happy Weekend!

They do look like sea

They do look like sea anemones! I'm partial to the beaded star you have there, it's lovely. Why not add a Kanzashi one as well? And, yes, beads for bubbles! Can't wait to see the finished wall hanging, it's beautiful so far.