Introducing Two Holiday "Make-over" Projects: Snowflake Fairy and King Winter

King Winter and Snowflake Fairy

Didn't get to introduce you to the other two projects begun during Christmas In July !


I made this sweet little doll head into a tree topper - let's just say - a long time ago!!!

Look closely and you can even see the last remaining quilled paper flower from the bouquet Diane made for her to hold.

After many years of claiming her rightful place at the top of holiday trees, she became rather shabby around the edges and her poor little eyelet dress turned a rather unappealing shade of Christmas soot.

She has been sleeping in a box for at least 20 years except for the occasional guilty moments when I have removed the top with intention of perhaps cleaning her dress and replacing her wings.

Well! This year I have permanently removed the top of her sleeping box and instead of simply tidying her up for the holidays, I am giving her a complete make-over! Thanks to my friend Gill who last year introduced me to King Winter and Snowflake Fairy - my sweet little "vintage" angel tree topper is going to be transformed into a Snowflake Fairy!




And this little "never quite made it to be the intended sock snowman" is going to be the body for King Winter!


Some of you might remember I made him while playing with my "borrowed children" Sophia and Antonio. Their stuffed socks became very respectable and much loved snowmen!

The fun and very simple tutorial can be found here on Kleas.


I made the under gown at the same time as I stitched the gowns for the Santas. All three are made pretty much using the same simple method.


Once the skirt embellishment was in place, I hand stitched tiny running stitches placed close together to close the back seam.


And then I ran a double row of gathering stitches around the top edge, placed the gown on the doll and cinched the stitching to fit snugly around the "neck". The "neck" area is going to be completely covered by beard so perfection is optional!!


I chose a bit of fabric from my stash that is very close in color to the shade of blue I remember being the color of the ice inside a small glacier I hiked to years ago. And that pile of yummy Pendleton fabric remnants he is sitting on will become his cape!


The slight pattern in both fabrics reminds me of designs Jack Frost leaves behind when he has been ice skating on the windows. So, at the bottom edge, I added a bit more "frost" - an embroidered feather stitch using a single strand of wool crewel embroidery yarn.

I love how the stitches on the back secured the hem in such a pretty pattern!

So what do you think of my "make-over" plans?

Oh, so cute! :)

Oh, so cute! :)

Heh! Is it okay to say that I

Heh! Is it okay to say that I feel both glad and clingy about you renovating that angel? I loved her so much as a kid. I loved those sequined wings you made. But you're right - the poor dear IS getting a bit shabby! I know she's in good hands. Can't wait to see the makeover!