Christmas Mice - a project from "Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style"

Christmas Mice

As promised! My Christmas Mice! Created using pattern and instructions from "Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style".

And now that I have actually gone through the process of making a project using a pattern and instructions provided in "Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style",  I can say with total authority - almost anyone can make the projects in this book!!! Easily! Quickly! And with minimum skills!

In many cases if you can make a running stitch or back stitch by hand, you really don't even need a sewing machine!

The authors, Tone Merete Stenkløv and Miriam Nilsen Morken have been making and selling the creations in their beautiful brand new book for years and years - and that fact alone clearly explains why they have developed the simple yet clever and appealing creatures, dolls, hearts, cones, bags and trees shared in their book.

Complicated construction greatly reduces the number of items that can be made for holiday craft fairs!

Christmas Mice

I purposely selected a project that appeared to be on the more complicated side and OMG - it went together in minutes!

I was so in love with the Christmas mice when I completed them that I wasn't even going to make the little hat. I mean - how could they be any cuter?

But, committed to remaining faithful to the pattern, I stitched the little hat, put it on little mouse's head and - well lets just leave it at this - my sweetie just HAD to leave what he was doing to come into the crafty space to see what had me squealing and giggling. BTW - he thinks they are pretty darn cute too!


Although the authors created their mice to appear very "Scandi", I decided to take them at their word and bring my own creativity to the craft table. I used only materials available in my own stash.

Christmas Mice

The authors suggest felt for this project but I found that old wool sweaters felted in the washing machine are also a great choice for mouse bodies. The color palette is limited in my bag of felted wool scraps but I still love these guys to pieces.

Stitching the two pattern pieces together was done by hand using a back stitch - very tiny back stitches! Felted sweater fabric is always forgiving - no need for perfection as stitches hide instantly in the fibers.

Stitching and turning and stuffing - so easy and only takes minutes. I have huge respect for the authors design skills. HUGE respect.

Christmas Mice

And can you believe it? I actually had those big ole black shiny eyes in my button stash!! What luck! They are bigger than the tiny little mouse eyes featured in the book but they work. And so do the mismatched buttons! What mouse ever had matching buttons anyway!

Christmas Mice I was all ready to publish this post this morning when I suddenly realized in my rush to display my mice under the seasonal tree - I had completely forgotten the tails! And they are brilliant! I was thinking I would be busy for at least half an hour - it took me all of 5 minutes!!!

OMG - don't you just love these mice?!!

I have already traced and cut patterns for the snowmen and gingerbread men softies - very anxious to play with them too! I will share next month.

And to celebrate my 4th year of blogging on November 1 - I am definitely giving away a copy of Christmas Crafts - Scandinavian Style" - I love it that much!

You can read my original review here and order it here or here!

pam your mice are just the

pam your mice are just the cutest!! was wondering if you could tell me how to felt old wool sweaters? thank you shar

Sharmaine,  I will be happy

Sharmaine,  I will be happy to do that!  Here are a couple links that should answer all your questions and give you very good directions.  Just so you know, what many of us refer to as "felting" old sweaters is really a process called "fulling"  but since most people undertstand the process as felting, I use that term.  

Here is an excellent "how-to" from CRAFT:  How to Full a Sweater

And here is another that gives some very good additional information that is needed: from Craftstylish: How to Felt a Sweater

It is so much fun to felt (full) old sweaters!  The hardest part these days is actually finding them!!!  Synthetic fibers have replaced wool in a huge percentage of sweaters these days and the few wool sweaters that do make it to thrifts are snapped up by crafters!!!  Hopefully you live in a small town and no one has found out they can make totally cool stuff with discarded wool sweaters!!!





Hi. I made these as presents

Hi. I made these as presents for co-workers, but they were mistaken for cat-toys. They turned out so cute, though! I think if I had made them larger, people would not have thought they were cat toys. I guess that is the risk you run with making stuffed mice. ;)

If you used the patterns in

If you used the patterns in the book I can't imagine anyone would have taken a mouse that size for a cat toy!  But I am happy to hear your gifts were appreciated.  WE love ours!!

Hello, I love your website


I love your website and the Christmas mice. Do they take long to make? What type of material works best? They are really cute. Thanks for the reply in advance.

Georgetta, The Christmas Mice

Georgetta, The Christmas Mice do not take long to make - especially if you choose to stitch them by machine.  

As to material - I would imagine almost any fabric would work - as I mentioned above, I use old sweaters wet felted in the machine.  But the authors used felt to create theirs - if you will refer to their instructions, they recommend felt.

I saw your Christmas mouse

I saw your Christmas mouse blog and went out straight away to get the book! I have now made a couple of mice but wonder if you could give me any tips on how to make them stand up - I can't seem to get the bottom bit right! Any tips?

Oh Kay, I don't know what to

Oh Kay, I don't know what to say.  The fact that the pattern is so beautifully designed that the mice stand without support so well is one of the things that impressed me the most!  

Is it possible you might have over stuffed your mice? I also find that pushing the little gathered stitches at the bottom up towards the stuffing helps keep the bottom nice and flat.  

My Christmas Mice are really quite stable.  The design of the base is almost like a tripod.

Another trick you might try is to cut a bit of muslin and tie up a loose (not tightly packed) bundle of rice or beans and place that inside the base before tightening the gathers.  This would give a bit of weight to help the mice stand.  But again, dont stuff the bottom of the mice or the little bag too tightly.

I hope this helps.

Yes I do love them! They're

Yes I do love them! They're just GORGEOUS!

SWEET!! Off to find the book~

SWEET!! Off to find the book~

They are so cute! I love

They are so cute! I love them. Maybe we could make some for Thanksgiving too....Pilgrims....Native Americans?

Why not Pilgrims and Native

Why not Pilgrims and Native American mice!  A great idea!  I love it!  Send a picture if you make them!

The buttons and scarves make

The buttons and scarves make them extra cute!

I love your Christmas mice!

I love your Christmas mice! They are just so adorable. Its nice to meet you in Diane's class.

OMG loves these to bits, I

OMG loves these to bits, I can always rely on you Pam to find something interesting to do and share. I'm off to check out the book. Cheers

Gracious! Little felted

Gracious! Little felted rodents never looked so cute! Brilliant button usage too, Pam!

Hello Pam, I love mice and

Hello Pam,

I love mice and collect them!!!! These are so adorable!


hahahaha!  I never thought of

hahahaha!  I never thought of Halloween Mice! 


Chris - Meg - you two need to get together!  You think alike !  Halloweeeeeeeeeeen!

Actually, that is one thing I appreciate about many of the crafts featured in Christmas Crafts........ - they really can be adapted to be used any time and for any season and any holiday!

Pam, I love Christmas mice.

Pam, I love Christmas mice. I love mice when it's not Christmas! I want to make these. I'm going to be getting a bunch of felt for my coaster project, and I'm also going to take MICE into consideration!!

haunted mice for halloween?!

you bet!

So Cute- Love how these

So Cute- Love how these turned out!!!!!!