Pumpkin Patch Harvest Festival Time Again! We Are Teaching Crafts On Monday! Come Visit!

Free Crafts at the Pumpkin Patch Harvest Fest

Harvest Festival at the Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island is just a week away! And we are scrambling around here cleaning wheat and gourds, gathering supplies and practicing new corn husk crafts to share!

The Pumpkin Patch Harvest Festival takes place every Labor Day weekend; and on Monday - Labor Day - my sweetie and I set up several free craft tables to share crafts made from farm grown products - like gourds, wheat and corn! Everyone is welcome to come and sit and play!

Despite the hayrides, cow train rides, getting lost in the Maize and the yummiest food and produce competing for attention, we always have a full table!

Free Crafts at the Pumpkin Patch Harvest Fest

Gourd painting is hugely popular.

Free Crafts at the Pumpkin Patch Harvest Fest

And making wheat brooms!


This one is one of my favorites - I learned some very cool new tricks from this clever gal!


Wheat braid ornaments are fun to make with  a partner, but perhaps a little too complicated for this kind of crafty venue. This year I have decided to try my hand at teaching a simple corn husk ghost.

Corn Husk Ghosts

Still in the development stage but I was inspired by Dyhanna's post here in which she shares the most beautiful corn dolly I have ever seen; and the little Kleenex Zozobra Dolls (top pic) I used to help my Mother make when I was a kid. (The dolls were sold during Fiesta de Santa Fe to raise funds for Nell's Girls.  I will have to tell you about that one day!)

I made the ghost/zozobra dolls pictured in the top image over 20 years ago for my first Halloween with my sweetie!  Cute, simple ghost ornaments for our first Halloween Tree!

Diana taught me to make corn dollies with fresh corn. I love the idea of using fresh corn husks and there are bins and bins of them available in the farm market - shoppers strip off the husks into big bins provided so... I guess you could say we are recycling! Thank you Dyhanna! Thank you Mom! xoxox

I will post  the simple techniques for making the ghosts soon, I promise!

The Pumpkin Pathc, Sauvie Island, Portland, Or

If you are in the Portland/Vancouver area over Labor Day, come on out to Sauvie Island and join us at The Pumpkin Patch Harvest Festival!

We would love meeting you! And I guarantee your family will find lots to enjoy and go home with happy hearts and tummies full of sweet corn on the cob and - if you get there early enough - maybe even peach cobbler!

How can it be that time of

How can it be that time of year again already?! I hope you had a lot of fun ( I am sure you did!)

It is always so fun to think

It is always so fun to think about you guys and this annual event that has SO much going on! So much creativity and family. I hope the weather is fabulous!


Sounds like a ton of fun!!

Sounds like a ton of fun!!

I'd be there....except for

I'd be there....except for the little pesky thing of travelling across country! :-) Have fun!

I wish I could go! Have fun-

I wish I could go! Have fun- can't wait to see those ghosts, such a great idea.
: )