Climbing a Mountain! And Crocheting Christmas Trees!

Mt. Shuksan, Washington State I may be absent from this space for a bit. I have a new "computer world" learning curve ahead of me and right now I feel like I am setting up base camp preparing to climb Mt. Shuksan!

We shall see how it goes! But if you don't see me here for a week or so, you will know I am processing new information! Better now than in November - right!

Christmas Tree

In the meantime - here is a little sneak peak at my first CROCHETED Christmas Tree!!! I am making a "forest" for the Christmas elves this year.

Just added it to the current PlanetJune CAL in Ravelry - BotaniCAL. The pattern is called Christmas Trees and you can find it right here!

Remember - I just learned to crochet a few months ago so if I can do it any beginner can!!! I have to admit I had a ball making bobbles! Lots 'n lots of bobbles.

Some a bit discombobble-ated - but beautiful bobbles nonetheless!

Ooh. the weeks are closing

Ooh. the weeks are closing in... its almost...


I am making little things with shadows of webs and black bits that don't reflect light. I'm starting with one tiny room.... If the weeks don't come too quickly, maybe it will be HAUNTED! bwahahahahaha!!

(other fall things are lovely, too)


Beautiful~~good luck

Beautiful~~good luck "mountain climbing"!

A forest! No less! Can't wait

A forest! No less! Can't wait to see the result. Never seen a crochet tree before, but I really like it. Can you make it in different sizes? Crochet, that something you can teach me when we go somewhere together in our private jets!

It must be because it's

It must be because it's September. That's always been the best time to learn new stuff from what I've gathered... Well chosen. Best of luck with your new computer-y endeavour Pam!

wooow i'm getting still more

wooow i'm getting still more and more impressed by your skills girl!!!!!
Awesome that you are crocheting xmas trees allready, and improving your computer skills.
wooow i'm flabbergasted;-D
I'm learing my little sis (in real she is shorter, but because of my wheels i 'm looking much tinnier and she is allready in the 50ths).LOL to knit the tulips.
She was flabber gasthed by how easy they are to make.
so i'm sure you can do it as well.
Sure by what i see on your blog.
Very very cool and lovely.
thank you very much for the beautiful picture of that mountain, we haven't those here. and thanks for the sharing of your awesome cool xmas tree and the link.
love you XO

I never know what you're

I never know what you're going to get up to next but sounds like a fun challenge. Enjoy your new learning experience.