New Possibilities - Use Raffia to Weave "Yarn Stars"

Raffia Woven Star

Taking another look at the possibilities for Yarn Stars. Weave them with Raffia!

Honestly, I am loving the look and texture of this favorite star woven in raffia instead of yarn.

Perfect for fall!

Raffia Star Woven on Cardboard

I tucked one of my three year old "Mod Podge Leaves" in the center but actually, even the cardboard didn't look bad - because Raffia stars have a very natural and earthy look to them.

The original tutorial is right here! The only new element: you will have to tie the raffia pieces together here and there as you are weaving. Make your knots at the back - you will be surprised to find they do not show once weaving is completed!

Now I am tossing around the idea of weaving a very big raffia star for the front door!  I'll let you know how it turns out!

Raffia God's Eye

While I had the raffia out I decided to try making a God's Eye just to see how it would work with this material.

To be honest, at first I was not happy with the results because the raffia does not allow for precision and the rather loosey goosey structure bothered me.

Now - a day later - I have gotten over my need for the structure to be precise and I am loving the God's Eye made in Raffia.

So, if you are inclined to make one - here is the tutorial for a God's Eye right here!

I would suggest when making a God's Eye that you tie several strands of Raffia together before you begin weaving. And be sure to do the double wrap around each "post" as is shown in the tutorial. It will help keep the raffia wrapping neater.

I am getting a kick from this new little "series" I have begun this year - taking a second or third or even a forth look at older craft tutorials from the archives and seeing new possibilities!

I hope some of you are thinking of new possibilities too!

Wow these are awesome! I

Wow these are awesome! I always love your yarn versions- but what a great use for raffia.


AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!! Totally pulling at my earthy, hippie-loving heart!!!

wooow such a smart idea to

wooow such a smart idea to use raffia, such an other look it gaves!!!
i love them, but i love still the coloured one even more.
but that's just a matter of taste, i love bright colours.
You're just briliant!!!!

soooo PRETTY, Pam...LOVE

soooo PRETTY, Pam...LOVE these raffia ideas! :o)

Dear Pam Working with raffia

Dear Pam

Working with raffia is always good as it gives me the earthy touch and I like a lot but you gave to raffia a all new level.

Pam I am constantly amazed by

Pam I am constantly amazed by you! I just love the stars made from raffia.