September Shopping Spree Giveaway - Five New Shops To Choose From

Pumpkin Gourds made by Harmon Art

I did not make these adorable gourd pumpkins! I do not have whimsy genes!

But the husband/wife team at Harmon Art has whimsey genes all over the place!! And when I spied these two little pumpkin gourds in their shop I could not help myself. "Gourd queen" or not - I had to have them!

The Harmon husband/wife team, school teachers who create gourd and clay treasures in their spare time and sell them in their Etsy Shop Harmon Art, actually inspired me to consider making this month's giveaway all about school teachers who also have on line shops.

After all - without teachers - none of us could blog, write patterns, learn new crafty skills. Teachers have given us the tools to do everything we do!!

Unfortunately, I was not successful in my search. So, this month's Support Producers of Free On Line Content Giveaway, will simply include Harmon Art - and four other on line shops I think you will enjoy!

Giveaway to support Free Online Content

Again, the total value of the gift certificate is $30.00 and you may spend it all in one place or make smaller purchases from several shops.

The drawing for the winner will be held September 20th to give all my busy readers plenty of time to catch up to this post!!!

To enter the drawing, leave me a comment on this post telling me what if anything you have done so far to begin your preparations for the winter holidays!

International entries are welcome and any shipping will be covered by me!

And now - the five shops you have to choose from!

Pumpkin Gourds made by Harmon Art

Harmon Art of course! Be sure to check out their sugar skulls made from gourds. Absolutely perfect for Day of the Dead celebrations coming up soon! And of course - lots more pumpkins!

Spoonflower fabrics

Who doesn't love Spoonflower fabrics?

These are a few from my own stash! Browsing the whole shop may take you some time - but what a glorious way to spend a fall afternoon! Try out a couple fat quarters or order that yard of fabric you have had your eye on!

Spoonflower has made it possible for anyone who wishes to design and then print their very own fabric! And in addition, you have access to their blog which hosts creatives from all over the blogisphere sharing tutorials for adding Spoonflower magic to your life!

Tooterphant by Lucy Ravenscar

Image of Tooterphant by Lucy Ravenscar

Using crochet hooks and a bit of yarn, Lucy Ravenscar creates a magical world inhabited by mystical and charming creatures - like these tooterphants! I just ordered the pattern - how could I not?

If you are a Star Wars fan, or love someone who is, you will not want to miss seeing the patterns Lucy has created based on favorite Star Wars characters! Brilliant! Every one of them!

See the very newest ones (including R2D2) as well as  lots of free crochet patterns on her blog, Lucy Ravenscar - Crochet Creatures.

Madame Renard Coin Purse

Image of crochet coin purse by Madame Renard

100% handmade in Italy! That's what you will find in Silvia's Etsy shop - Madame Renard. I introduced you to Silvia last spring when I purchased one of her little bunnies from the EtsyItalia Charity Shop. But she mostly makes and sells beautiful handbags, slippers, bracelets, notebook covers and even vintage buttons!

Silvia shares pictures of life in beautiful Italy as well as the occasional how-to instructions for simple projects on her blog, by the same name!

Lindamade at Ravelry

Image of flower hat by Linda Permann

Fall is in the air and for many of us that means we start dreaming about lovely yarn and new projects to keep us busy during those chilly afternoons! What better place to find the perfect pattern than at Linda Permann Designs on Ravelry? Hats, sweaters, scarves - oh my! You are guaranteed to find an original Lindamade pattern you can't live without!

And visit Linda on her blog Lindamade for free patterns and tutorials, links to many of her Ravelry patterns, and especially a recent post sharing her adventures in my favorite part of the world - the American Southwest!

That's it! These shops should keep you very busy shopping for hours! Good luck everyone!

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I am looking forward to the

I am looking forward to the fall and Christmas crafts. We grew our own gourds and I am starting on them now. I also like to make Dala Horses!!!! I am teaching my 4-H friends how to make them and we are going to sell them to help a horse rescue in our area.

Happy Autumn!

I usually wait till the

I usually wait till the eleventh hour but not this year I have started making Choe's doll (it's a slow process all of the ideas are drawn and written on a post it). I'll also be making back packs (one for a diaper bag the others to carry lots of stuff). The spoon flower certificate will come in handy sooo many beautiful fabrics. Since starting early I'll be able to do many more great and crafty things for all my people.

oh goody! more inspiration

oh goody! more inspiration and more temptations!! i have already started amassing felt in anticipation of a flurry of ornaments.

Great giveaway! I live in

Great giveaway! I live in California and Summer seems to last forever so I haven't yet done anything to prepare...just enjoying the sunshine!

Dear Pam The gourds are

Dear Pam
The gourds are beautifull but it is not usual in Portugal to decorate tthem. The fabrics are lovely and I am just imaginig myself making some albuns with them. By the way, I am just letting the return to schold kicks off to start my Christmas's holiday activity by doing some handmade books and albuns.

No preparations for the

No preparations for the winter holidays yet...Pinning lots of holiday crafts though on pinterest

Love the gourds! I've just

Love the gourds! I've just purchased some cute "making cookies" buttons from Michaels and really reaslly can't wait to use them. Not really sure how yet but I'll let u know!!!

I think I won't do anything

I think I won't do anything for winter holidays, I just began to work after the birth of my daughter: time is not so much for my hobbies now ;-)

There are so many people

There are so many people doing amazing work out there! How do you keep up? I love the tooter and the hat and the gourds... oh gosh I guess I love it all!

I've done very little, no that's a lie... I've done exactly nothing in preparation for the holidays, hee hee. But maybe I'll get started on something (anything!) soon... Anything's possible right? :)

I haven't even thought about

I haven't even thought about the holidays-love the holidays but hate the cold and snow!

I've never been too

I've never been too interested in crocheted animals, but the Tooterphants are just too cute!

I'm afraid I don't do much holiday stuff. Humbug! :-)

I haven't started on

I haven't started on Christmas yet...fall is my big birthday time so I am rushing to finish quilty items for 5 grandkids, 1 son (well, he gets electronics or fly fishing), and 2 daughter-in-laws with birthdays between now & Christmas! Love Spoonflower fabrics...they are perfect for my grandkids!

Oh how cute are those

Oh how cute are those Gourds?! But I think the possibility of having my own fabric labels printed tempts me just that tiiiiiiny bit more! I'm so grateful for the recommendation as I am looking for a good place to get clothing labels printed so I can start up my own new Etsy business (exciting!)

Uhm.. here (Italy) is still

Uhm.. here (Italy) is still summer with 32°C, and it seems a bit early to think about winter holidays!
(too bad because I will get to Holiday season unprepared as USUAL! :D )

I sewed a quilt for my son, I

I sewed a quilt for my son, I am currently crocheting a large blanket for my niece, I have yarn ready & waiting for a few more afghans, but I want to make a halloween costume first. So much to make, so little time. :)

Lovely shops :) For now I

Lovely shops :) For now I have only some ideas rof winter holydays, all inlcude shabby chic style decorations, as acorns ;)
Thank you :D

I think those are some mighty

I think those are some mighty cute gourds (don't think I'll ever say that again...)! I absolutely love Spoonflower! I make my own quilting labels to sew in on that website :)

So far, I have just begun collecting Christmas/Halloween fabrics. I won't begin sewing until next month, but I've got some plans in my head for some great stuff! :)