Beautiful Snowflakes

This is a photo of a real snow flake!

And here is another!  And here is a link to one of my very favorite sites. The photographs of the snow crystals make my eyes happy and my spirits soar.   The link will take you directly to the first page of the gallery of amazing photographs taken by Kenneth  G. Libbrecht of Caltech.  You can click on each one to make it larger and I suggest you do exactly that!

I discovered his amazing photographs several years ago in the form of his lovely Little Book of Snowflakes.  I immediately ordered 12 of them and gave them to everyone on my Christmas List.

Go to the home page to learn everything you ever wanted to know about snowflakes (and a great deal more that you didn't know to ask).  There are movies of snow crystals growing, explainations of how they form,  answers to most asked questions beautiful books, cards and prints, and snow flake projects to share with your family. You can even download some of the pictures as long as you are downloading them for your personal use.

And.......Mr. Libbrecht has included frost photos taken by other photographers around the world including this one by Clif Maloney from Illinois.

GO VISIT THIS BEAUTIFUL SITE.  It is a magical place to spend some time this winter.


Wow, those are stunning. A

Wow, those are stunning. A real view into the magical world of the microscopic!


These are amazing - thanks so much for the link!