"Monetize Your Craft Blog" - Class Review!

Monetize your Craft Blog

Due to the fact that Diane had more people wanting to take her first Monetize Your Craft Blog Class in August than she had seats available, she is offering the class again!

And again, already she has almost filled every seat! So if you are thinking about it - you had better hurry and make the decision to register!

In fact, by the time this posts, she may have already filled the class. But - space available or not - I am sharing some of what I wrote in my "exit interview" following the August class.

The class was fantastic! And to be honest, I don't think I can improve on the thoughts I shared on the "exit interview" in response to the final question: "Would you recommend this class and what would your recommend as being most valuable about this class." (Something like that anyway).

Personal collage

My response:

Yes I definitely will recommend this class!

And what I found most valuable:

1. Worksheets.   Both the opportunity they provided for exploring my own motivations and desires and skills and potentials and possibilities, and the thoughtful and useful feedback on the worksheets from the instructor. No canned replies here - the concerns and the ideas of each and every class member were addressed privately and individually.

2. Availability and responsiveness of the instructor throughout the class.  

3. Interactive opportunities among classmates - through the class forums. I personally received some very useful and thought provoking input from some of my classmates.

4. Help with using online tools to analyze blog readership and market potential for monetization avenues being considered.

5. During the course of the class, many different possibilities for income streams were suggested and assistance was given to each class member in evaluating which options would work best for their individual needs, monetization goals, and inclinations.

6. Really, the tutorials and the worksheets are so focused on individual evaluation of goals, desires, talents, skills, and market potential, that most of us who did the work left the classroom with a clear goal (or goals) and a clear picture of the path to reach the goal.  

7. In advertising the class, the statement is made that students will leave the class with concrete ways in which they can monetize their blog.  And "Monetize Your Craft Blog" delivered!

And so now you are asking - so Pam, what great monetization ideas are you considering? Ha! Those are secret!! :-) For now!

LOL i love the lasy line in

LOL i love the lasy line in your text.
It's still working, i can't wait anymore.
I love the art class idea, but we live to far away, anyhow that's the big problem for me right now.
i'm stucked again in my home._S to much problems with my neck and lot's of migraine and sight problems-S
but... i have managed to made some new curtains of recycling materials. I will share this soon with you, XO's

Having taken one of Diane's

Having taken one of Diane's classes I know just how much value is in this. She is always available, helpful, direct, honest (brave, resourceful, oblong, voracious, and good at tying knots). The class community is inspiring and helpful, too.

Thanks for the reminder! I've

Thanks for the reminder! I've been meaning to focus on my blog and figure out exactly what I'm doing with it, and taking this class is one of them! I'm glad she offers it periodically & am hoping there will be more later in the winter, or again in 2013 (I know I'm not ready now!)

Taking Diane's course was one

Taking Diane's course was one of the best things I've done for my creative business development! And I learned new things about myself and growing stronger in creating a viable business. She is more than a class leader, she really is a great mentor working with you to build your best possible goals & strategies. It was an amazing 3 weeks that I would also highly recommend to anyone looking to grow their creative dreams. And bonus was meeting you in class, Pam! :o)